You are Free

What does it mean to be free?

We live in the land of the free but what does it mean to personally live out that freedom.

Some of you may define freedom financially; when I make this amount of money, I can live free. Others may see if in more a relational sense- you are free to love and be loved. Still others may look at freedom as a release from pain or addiction. What if freedom has more to due with surrender than with striving for it?

I recently read a book that defined it like this: “Freedom comes when we know God is enough, when he is our everything. When he is our peace and our strength, joy and rest. Our provision, healer, hope, fortress, shelter, strong tower, and Father. Freedom reveals everything good is from him and by him and for him. Every breath we take, every person we encounter, every word we utter is all an expression of a freedom where God dwells in us and loves through us!”

This definition comes from Rebekah Lyons’s new book, “You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are.” Her book is truly amazing and I want to recommend it to all of you!


I read it on my Oregon vacation this summer and found so much amazing truth in it!

Rebekah’s book has some amazing chapters: Free to Grieve, Free to Thirst, Free to Rest, Free to be Brave…. Let me share with you 2 of my favorite chapters: Free to be Called and Free to Wait.

I truly believe that God has made each of us for a divine purpose. Many of us struggle with finding that purpose or calling. I love how Rebekah talks about her calling. She says, “Calling is where our talents and burdens collide. Our talents are our birthright gifts, the gifts that make our hearts sing, come alive. Our burdens are found in our stories, in what breaks our hearts. God was inviting me to use the gifts that made me come alive, to redeem the things that broke my heart.”

What are your natural gifts? What are you passionate about and makes your heart come alive? What is unique to you? Pray about it and ask God to reveal it to you and then feel free to write down your ideas.

In addition to your talents and gifts, what burdens you? What breaks your heart? What are your struggles? Think about your own story- what makes it unique that God could use to help others?   Again, I recommend journaling and prayer as you write down your thoughts.

Now, “ask yourself whether God has equipped you with these passions and gifts in order to respond to the burdens in your heart. Is there a way they connect? Could the intersection of the two reflect God’s call on your life?”   You see- I firmly believe that where these two intersect, how these two intersect and collide- this is your calling! God is asking you to use your struggles and your story to help others by using your talents and gifts he has already given you.   You may feel inadequate or under qualified but let me assure you that if God has called you to it, He will empower you to accomplish it. You are Free to Be Called!

Have you every noticed that once you are called, there is a waiting season. Just like most people, I do not like to wait. I struggle with patience just like many of you. It is interesting that God’s plan usually involves a waiting time. Think of David, Samuel anoints him to be the future king but he has to wait 15 years from when he was anointed until he actually reigned as king.

Why is the waiting important? Rebekah says, “In our waiting, God is working.” Usually God is preparing us for our calling. He is maturing us, growing us so our character matches our calling in His perfect timing. She says, “Waiting is a critical part of your anointing. It prepares you, strengthens you, and trains you to step us when the moment comes.”

No one likes to wait but what if the waiting was just as important as the calling. “We expect immediate parting of the seas, removal of obstacles, and opening of doors, yet Scripture shows us that God often call his children to periods of waiting.”   I think this waiting time allows us to fully surrender to God, not just His purpose for us but the timing of it too. Being able to patiently wait on God’s timing is a sign of maturity. You are Free to Wait!

Let me close in prayer.

God thank you for giving each of us a unique purpose or calling for our lives that has to do with our passion and our pain. Help us as we discover it and use it for your glory. God, thank you also for the waiting times in our lives when you are growing us to be more Christ like. It is not easy but always fruitful and productive. God, give us strength to live our life in freedom as we fully surrender to you. In Jesus name’ Amen.

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