Wired for Wonder

My eyes were captivated by the colors.

All around us was this beautiful red and orange rock.  It was like God took a paintbrush and colored the landscape!

Have you ever been in awe of the Creator as you stared at His creation?

This was me last week. My kids and I drove to Utah for an outdoor adventure.  Zion National Park was our first stop, and it did not disappoint.  Hiking the Narrows with my boys was a highlight of our trip. I clearly remember multiple times just stopping and looking up in awe of the breathtaking backdrop around me.

From there, we went on an ATV adventure in the sand dunes of Kanab, UT.  Exploring Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon was one of the favorites parts of the tour. Watching the sunlight sparkle through the tiny walls of this canyon enthralled me. I kept thinking, “Wow, God. This is beautiful.”

Lastly, we ended in Bryce Canyon with the gorgeous panorama views overlooking the canyon below.  As we hiked through Wall Street Canyon and the Navajo Loop, I was mesmerized by the brilliant colors of the rocks.

I felt close to the Creator as I was admiring His creation. 

Have you ever had this same experience? I think God loves when we appreciate His creation.

Last week on my podcast my guest, DJ Hejtmanek shares that we are wired for wonder!  This statement stood out to me especially last week as we were fascinated by the breathtaking scenery in Utah.

Friend, God has wired you for wonder too! 

Today, I challenge you to look for God in the unexpected!  It could be something in nature or a nudge in your heart as you read God’s word or listen to a friend. 

I encourage you to “pursue the wonder of God above all else.” DJ shares more about this in Episode #45 on my podcast. If you missed our conversation, please check it out.  I know her words will encourage you.

Love, Jodi

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