When Doubt Creeps In

Have you ever been so excited about God’s plan for your life?  Doors are opening and you know you are on the right path.  But just as quickly as you felt excited, you start to feel doubt.  You begin to question if you heard God correctly from the beginning.

With each God size opportunity comes a Satan size opposition.

Friends, as we are living out our purpose, we can expect spiritual warfare. Satan’s plan is not creative; he uses the same tactics each time.  He wants to isolate us, distract us from our callings by making us doubt if we have heard God correctly the first time, and leave us disappointed and derailed. 

Remember as you get more opportunities from God, you will also get more opposition from the devil.

Friends, don’t let this discourage you but instead let it fuel you.  Each fiery dart he throws your way is just confirmation that you are on the right track.   Realize that Satan only tries to distract someone who is living out God’s purpose.  Just be aware of his schemes so you can boldly send him packing if he comes knocking.

The more you are doing great things for Jesus, the more Satan is going to try to shut you down. 

Remember his tactics: isolate, distract, create doubt, disappoint, and defeat.  Be aware of when doubt is creeping into your mind and ask God for wisdom and discernment.  Stay connected to other believers; get an accountability partner so that Satan cannot segregate you.  Recognize when disappointment has triggered you and left you defeated.

Prayer is your number one weapon against the devil!

Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as you pursue your purpose. Pray Scripture verses; follow Jesus’ example as He quoted Scripture back to Satan. My prayer for us is that in those difficult moments when doubt starts to creep in, we will remember this truth: Satan may be dangerous, but he is ultimately DEFEATED! 

Love, Jodi

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