When Brokenness Leads to Depth

I could not wait to see it!

My friend texted me from Arizona, “On my way to pick it up.” Across state lines, two of my favorite things were combined to make one magnificent piece of art.

Beautifully broken glass pieced together like a mosaic on top of a gorgeous rod iron tree with deep roots.

Since I last wrote you all, this work of art traveled back with my sweet friend to California. I am thrilled to share this masterpiece with you.

Seeing it in person, I noticed how the fragmented glass sparkled in the light, reminding me that God never wastes our broken pieces. The tree with the deep roots showed me God’s desire for depth in our relationships. Together, they revealed that the two are connected.

Brokenness leads to depth when our broken pieces are placed in the hands of Jesus!

This has been true in my life. My devastating circumstances are what drew me closer to God which in turn deepened my faith. Without my shattered stories, I don’t think I would have chosen to grow deeper.

Maybe this has been true for you too.

What if your greatest heartbreak catapults you to your greatest growth?

If you are walking through something hard right now, I would love to remind you that God does not waste any of your cracks or broken pieces. They actually become the very catalyst to deep rooted growth.

Those crushed parts of your life can also be the very ingredient God uses to help another hurting heart.

If life has taken an unexpected turn, I want to encourage you today. This is not the end of your story. I believe God is going to use this chapter to expand your roots down deeper in your faith than ever before.

Can you see why I love my new piece of artwork so much?

It is a reminder that God never wastes one tear, but instead uses them to fertilize the ground so our faith roots can develop and deepen through each heartbreak.

Friend, if you are in the middle of a difficult circumstance, I would love to pray for you. Please message me on Instagram so I can lift you up in prayer.

Love, Jodi

To hear more about this beautifully broken glass, check out Depth Podcast Episode 123 with Kimberly Kiefer.

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