This is the Day

Are you a “One Day-er?”  One day, I will go after my dream.  One day, I will go on a mission’s trip.  One day, I will make an impact.

What if we changed our thinking from one day to this is the day?

This is the day to make it count.  This is the day to believe in what matters, share your faith, improve yourself, follow your dreams….be intentional.

In Tim Tebow’s new book, This is the Day, he encourages us to embrace today.   He says, “God gives us today as a gift.  He wants us to pursue it, not just for selfish ambition but to do something meaningful with it.  To use it to grow, to love others well, to help someone, to pursue a dream He’s put on our hearts.”  What I love about this book is all the practical examples of how to live this out.

“Open your  Eyes” was one of my favorite chapters from his book.   As we live our busy schedules and run from one activity to the next, it is easy to miss opportunities right in front of us.  Tim says, “It’s about slowing down and opening your eyes enough to see others.  To see a world that exists outside your own.  To see people who need help.  To see people who are hurting.”

Is there a friend whose name keeps coming to your mind that you need to call and offer some words of encouragement?  Is there a loved one who needs your listening ear?   Is there a stranger who God puts in your path today that needs your help?

It is easy to get distracted by our tasks and responsibilities that we become blind to others right in front of us.

This is why I love these words from Tim’s book: “Be intentional in broadening your spatial awareness.  Ask God to take the blinders of distraction off your eyes and show you people who may need you.”   I don’t know about you but I definitely want to have spatial awareness!!  I want to take off the blinders of distraction and truly see others with God’s eyes!

My prayer for us today is that we will open our eyes and truly see all the people God wants us to influence and help today.    Remember This is the Day!!

  • “This is the day you can see what God sees.
  • This is the day you can overcome a bad habit or a character flaw.
  • This is the day that can bring you a step closer to your dreams and goals.
  • This is the day you can fight for what’s right
  • This is the day you can change someone’s life for the better.
  • This is the day you can change your own life.
  • Life isn’t just about one day.  It’s about this day.”

I love this quote from Tim’s book.  Who are you going to influence today?  What is your next step toward your God-sized dream?  Where does God want to lead you today?  Don’t be a “one day-er”  Instead Embrace Today!

Love, Jodi

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