The Depth Podcast Is Two Years Old!

I cannot believe that two years ago this week, the Depth Podcast launched. I remember I had just dropped off my kids for their first day of school. Sitting in the car in front of my house, I checked my email and was thrilled to see one from apple podcasts announcing my first two episodes were live. It was an exciting day.

Little did I know all the amazing people I would meet in the years to come.

It has been a wonderful two years and I want to thank you the listener for tuning in each week. It is a joy to together grow deeper in our faith and stronger in our relationships!

Just wanted to share with you a picture from Summer 2019. I was  recording my very first episode!

I am so thrilled to announce that this week on the Depth Podcast, we have a special Birthday Celebration Episode! I am excited to share with you more of the backstory of my ministry. We will talk about what birthed the book giveaway ministry as well as the beginning years on the blog. I cannot wait for you to hear some of the God moments on getting my first guests for the podcast and even more about the progress on my book.

As we talk about my ministry these last seven years, I am in awe of God and how He is guiding it all.

Also, I loved talking with my friend, Anita Hansen. We met years ago in Treasured, a Bible Study for young moms at our church. She interviews me using your questions from the survey. We start off with some fun questions and then we get deeper and more vulnerable. As I honestly share my own story, I hope my words will help another hurting heart. Please check out this week’s Special Two Year Birthday Episode! Click this link to go directly to Episode 97

Click link to go directly to Episode 97

If you missed my special one year birthday celebration episode last year, here is direct link to episode 47.

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I love to get the right book into a reader’s hands! After each podcast, I will be giving away a copy of the book that I am recommending!