The Brave Choice

Have you ever had to be brave?  Have you ever had to make a brave choice? 

Honestly, if you asked me years ago, I would not have described myself as brave. I thought bravery was for the heroes who swoop in and save the day. But after walking through a devastating loss, I have a new definition of bravery. 

These words are from a guest post that I wrote for my friend’s Brave Women Wednesday Series. Each week, Becky highlights a different woman’s story of God’s faithfulness as she finds hope in the middle of loss, strength during times of uncertainty, and courage to combat fear and anxiety.

Friends, I cannot wait for you to read my Brave Woman post and hear my new definition of bravery.

Here is the link to my guest post:

I love God’s perfect timing! Not only am I on a guest on Becky’s blog, she is a guest on my podcast this week.

Becky Beresford is a fellow Hope Writer and friend. I love her passion for helping women embrace their worth and find their true identity as God’s daughters! To listen to our conversation, click on the following link:

Honestly, her Brave Women Wednesday Series is my favorite! It actually inspired me to start highlighting other writers and God stories on my podcast. Like me, God placed a book on their hearts and even though their books are not published yet, their story of God’s faithfulness is just as powerful.

Friends, so excited to share with you my Brave Woman guest post! I just want to ask you, “Are you ready to make the brave choice?” It will change your life forever.

Love, Jodi

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