Take the Parenting Grateful Challenge

There are some days when parenting is wonderful, but there are other days when it is hard.

Setting boundaries, following through on discipline, and teaching them responsibility can fall under the harder days.

As I think back over the week, I have had a mixture of both.  It is easy as parents to only focus on the negative times with our kids.  The times that they talked back with disrespect or said unloving words to their sibling.  But if we truly stop and reflect, there is so much to be grateful for.

So today, I encourage you to do the Parenting Grateful Challenge!

1. Reflect on your week and write out 5 grateful moments you had with your child. 

It could be a special time together or something you observed that made you proud.   The purpose is to focus on your child’s strengths, gifts, and positive moments instead of all the frustrating times.

2. Share these joyful moments and thankful words with your child. 

There is something powerful about reminding them of their God given gifts, places where you see them using their strengths, and moments where you were proud of them.   You can do it at dinner so everyone can hear or in a special one on one time.  The important part is to speak this truth over them.

3. Refer back to this list when you encounter one of the harder parenting days.

On those harder days, pull out your list and remind yourself of all their God given gifts.  Remember that we are all works in progress and have setbacks. Use their poor choices as a growing tool and tackle the growth steps that need to be addressed. 

I love when God gives us just what we needed to hear.  You see, I wrote these words because I needed this reminder today.  I needed to shift my focus, so I just wrote my 5 statements for each of my boys.

Friends, my whole attitude has changed!

Focusing on the positive, not the negative is powerful.  I believe where you put your focus will determine your level of joy in parenting.  This week, let’s remember to reflect and be grateful for all that God is doing in our children’s lives. 

Love, Jodi

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