If your church or mom’s group is looking for a speaker, Jodi would love to come and share with your group of women!

Parenting with Empathy and Understanding

As a single mom to two teenage boys, Jodi knows that motherhood can be the most rewarding and most challenging job all at the same time. Along her journey, she learned the importance of parenting with both understanding and empathy. Through laughter and tears, Jodi loves to come along side and encourage moms along their parenting journey as she shares the 4 truths she wish she knew when she was a young mom.

One Word Will Change Your Life Forever

What do you do when one word turns your entire world upside down?  Maybe your one word is miscarriage, cancer, divorce, or infertility. All of these words can leave us questioning God’s plan for our lives. In this message, Jodi will share some of her personal story and how God was faithful in the middle of her unexpected storm. She will share 3 truths to cling to when our “one word” tries to steal our hope and joy.

Take a Leap of Faith

Have you ever felt God asking you to do something that was out of your comfort zone? Maybe you thought you knew God’s plan for your life and then all of sudden He is asking you to follow Him down a different path? Jodi will share her personal leap of faith story of starting her podcast as well as dive deeper into two Bible stories in the Old Testament where God asks His people to step out in faith.

Jodi’s Testimony

What if our brokenness does not disqualify us, but instead was the very ingredient needed to help another hurting heart? Jodi loves to share her testimony, her broken story using her cracked clay pot. Below is a picture of Jodi holding up her cracked clay pot to a group of women in Rwanda. She believes that God shines the brightest through our cracks as we give God our broken pieces!

If you are interested, please contact Jodi by email at jodirosser@gmail.com. Also a sample video of Jodi speaking is available upon request.