Repair the Rupture

I did it again; I let my mouth lead me into trouble.

Last week, I was feeling overwhelmed with what I had on my plate.  As the feelings of frustration built up inside, sadly I snapped at my son in front of his friends.  

I reacted with hurtful words instead of responding with patience and love.

Looking back, I am embarrassed with how I replied.  That evening, I knew that I needed to take responsibility for my poor choice in words and angry tone.  I sat down with my son to apologize and repair the rupture.

After he accepted my apology, I realized I still did not feel at peace. I knew I needed to make it right with his friends too.  Humbly, I called and apologized to each of them.

It is not easy to admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  Honestly, repairing the rupture is something I learned much later in life.  The old me would have found reason to blame someone else for my poor choice.  But now, I see the importance of owning our choices both good and bad as well as repairing any mistakes we make along the way.

We have a mantra we say at our home, “My Response is my Responsibility.  Your Response is Your Responsibility.”

Even if the other person says something hurtful, I am still in control of my response.  Even if the other person frustrates us, we are still responsible for our reply.

I like the word response better than reaction.  We react in anger; We respond in love.

Do you need to repair any ruptures today? I know it is difficult to admit our shortcomings, but I promise you will never regret taking ownership of your choices. I would love for you to adopt the mantra, “My Response is my responsibility.” It has been life-changing for me.

One last thought: Remember no one is perfect, we are all works in progress. Give yourself grace when you mess up, repair the rupture, and then try again.

Friend, I am praying for both you and me today as we take responsibility for your choices and repair any ruptures that we need to along the way.

Love, Jodi

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