More Than Enough! 

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time, enough energy, or enough patience?  Do you every feel like you are not enough as a mom, a daughter, or a friend?

Not Enough?

Honestly, these two words have been occupying my mind and leaving me feeling discouraged.  Can anyone relate?

I just finished Sheila Walsh’s new book called “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.”  It is phenomenal and I highly recommend it.  In Chapter 6, she reveals some truth about not being enough and her words truly touched my restless heart.

She shares a familiar Bible story where Jesus feeds the 5000 with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish from a little boy.   She pointed out something interesting; she says, “Women are always prepared with something in case their children get hungry.  I imagine that no one else offered up their food, either because they didn’t think it would be enough or they didn’t want to share.”

How many times have we not given our time or money because we thought it was not enough?  I love what Sheila says in her book: “We’ll never have enough to fulfill all the demands made on us, but that’s okay. We’re not supposed to have enough.  We’re supposed to bring what we have, our clearly not enough, to Jesus and ask Him to meet us where we are.”

Just like the little boy, He gave what was clearly not enough to feed such a large crowd.  However, in the hands of Jesus, it was more than enough!

Let’s park our mind on these three words: More than Enough!

My “Not Enough” time gets multiplied when I meet with God first in the morning and pray over the busy schedule of my day.  My “Not Enough” patience for my kids can be increased when I ask Jesus for help as a single parent.  What is your “Not Enough” that you need to surrender to God today?

With God, our “Not Enough” is “More than Enough” when we lay it at His feet.

Let’s not stay focused on what is “Not Enough” and miss seeing the miracles of Jesus!   Just think how many women had snacks that day but missed being a part of the miracle because they thought it was not enough.

God, help us surrender our “Not Enough” to you today!  We give you our limited time, our lack of energy,  and our shortage on patience.  We ask you to turn it into more than enough as we invite you into our messy lives.  Thank you for guiding us and giving us wisdom.  In Jesus Name, Amen!

Love, Jodi

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