Just One Letter Difference

I was elated as I read her post.

“Just one letter makes a difference,” she said.  These words just popped off the page and into my heart.

You see, there is a popular saying, “She believed she could so she did!”  Have you heard of it?  I love that it shows that we can work hard and do anything, but for some reason, I want to change the words. I wish it could read, “She believed God could and He did!”

I know for me that God has been the one opening doors in my ministry and providing in ways I never knew possible. Yes, I am doing the hard work, but God is guiding me.

Well my friend, Becky Beresford, wrote a post last week where she changed just one letter of this popular saying.  Her words rocked my world and I was giddy with excitement over this one letter change. 

“She believed He could and she did!”

Do you see the simple change from she to He?  I believe that one letter makes such a difference!  I now LOVE the new saying!

I called Becky on the phone and told her my excitement over this new revelation.  I told her I was given a sign that said the original saying and how I just wished that I could add God to it.  This simple letter change was something I could physically do to this artwork and I could not wait to change it!   Check it out below:

Friend, God is in control!  He is the one orchestrating and guiding us!  We do have a choice whether we follow His lead and how much effort and hard work we put into it.  I think that is what these new words convey to me!

So, I want you to remember this today! 

“She Believed He could and she did!”

Love, Jodi

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