Guest Blog Post: Brave Women Series

Have you ever had to be brave?  Have you ever had to make a brave choice?

Honestly, if you asked me years ago, I would not have described myself as brave. I thought bravery was for the heroes who swoop in and save the day. But after walking through a devastating loss, I have a new definition of bravery.

These words are from a guest post that I wrote for my friend’s Brave Women Wednesday Series. Each week, Becky highlights a different woman’s story of God’s faithfulness as she finds hope in the middle of loss, strength during times of uncertainty, and courage to combat fear and anxiety.

Friend, I cannot wait for you to read my Brave Woman post and hear my new definition of bravery.

To read my post, click on the Brave Women Wednesday Guest Post

I just want to ask you, “Are you ready to make the brave choice?” It will change your life forever.

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