Growing Moms In God’s Word: Truth to Stand On During Difficult Parenting Days

Have you ever felt unsure in your parenting?  Have you ever doubted a decision or struggled with giving a consequence?

Honestly, this happens frequently at my house. If like me, you are lacking confidence as a mother, I want you to know you are not alone. 

Parenting is the most rewarding job and the most challenging job all at the same time.

When we hit those challenges, those bumps in the road, let me offer you three truths to stand on during those difficult parenting days.

1. God handpicked you to be the mother of your children. (Psalms 139: 13-14)

Of all the people in the world to be their mom, God chose you. He knows your similarities and differences, yet He paired you together. He knows what triggers you and frustrates them and still thinks you make a great fit. If you are doubting yourself, remember that God chose you to be their mom. 

2. God gives you His strength when you are tired and weak. (Isaiah 40:31)

Being a mom can be tiring. Do I hear an Amen? In my season of raising teenagers, I feel the most tired when I need to follow through on a consequence. If I am completely honest, sometimes I want to give in just to keep the peace. But when I think about my goal to raise responsible and respectful kids, sometimes my best yes is to stay the course.  If you are feeling alone, remember God is strengthening you.

To read the final truth, please click this link to the Growing Moms in God’s Word website.

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