Grace for Single Parents Podcast (Episode 70)

Grace for Single Parents Podcast Link – May 2022

Excited to share with you my conversation with Jen on the Grace for Single Parents Podcast. I talk about my upcoming book, Depth as well as how God met me in the pain of my divorce and helped release me from the shame.

I remember being embarrassed that my marriage had failed, and honestly, I struggled with how God could still use my broken story. In the episode, I share a story I tell in my book about a divine appointment at a conference where God reminded me of this truth: I may be a broken vessel, but God can still use me. Now, one of the messages I love to share with others is that brokenness does not disqualify us, it is often the very ingredient God uses to help another hurting heart.

I believe there is power in being vulnerable and sharing our broken stories to encourage someone else walking the same hard road. We discussed vulnerability in this episode too, and I loved the deep conversation with Jen. 

I hope our words encourage you and give you hope in the middle of your hard circumstances.

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