God Truly Cares About All Our Problems- Big or Small!

We all encounter problems and storms every day.  Some are classified as giant size hurricanes and others as a light breeze.  Let me share with you about a recent gust of wind.

This Sunday, my teenage son was filming a movie at the park across from our house.  For Christmas last year, I gave him this expensive stabilizer that allows the camera to stay steady as he is running during action sequences.  He had brought it over to the park to use but it was not charged so it was placed off to the side.

That evening as we were all in bed, my son comes running into my room and shares that he cannot find his stabilizer.  Remembering that I had seen it at the park, we both bolted across the street in the dark of night.  Using our flashlight app on our phones, we searched for this important piece of camera equipment.  To our dismay, we could not find it.

Frustrated and angry that my son lost this expensive gift, I was tempted to lecture him about responsibility and taking proper care of his equipment.  Seeing the complete devastation on his face, I decided a different approach.  I suggested we pray and ask God for help in finding it.   My son was feeling completely hopeless and unsure that would even help.

I reminded him that God is bigger than our problems.

I shared with him the truth that God can do the impossible!  He can show up in miraculous ways; we just have to trust Him and fully surrender our problems to Him.  So we prayed together that night asking for God’s help.

The next morning, I opened my front door and looked across the street.  What was once dark in the middle of the night was now illuminated by the sunlight.  Thankful that I could completely see the entire park, I noticed a fluorescent pink note taped on a tree.   Intrigued, I quickly crossed the street and read the sign: “Found….”

In awe of God, I ran into the house to tell my son the good news.   What an amazing teachable moment!  If I am honest, I think the teachable moment was not just for my son but for me too.  So many times, I try to solve my own problems and prayer is my last resort.   This time, prayer was our first choice and wow, did God show up big!

I know that God does not always answer prayers this quickly.  Instead, sometimes He asks us to wait.  Waiting is hard but I have learned that there is tremendous growth and character development during the wait when we completely depend on God.

God is Bigger than your Problems.  He wants to partner with you and help you through whatever circumstances you are facing. Remember God truly cares about your problems whether you are facing a giant size hurricane or a light breeze.  Praying you will remember this truth today as you face life’s storms.

Love, Jodi

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