God, Give Me Eyes To See

I wish I had eyes to see those in need. 

Can you imagine walking through Target and being able to see whose heart is hurting and needs some encouragement?  What if you had eyes to see who is feeling alone in the middle of this coronavirus and you could offer some hope?  Or maybe you would be able to detect who is struggling financially so you could come alongside and bless them?

Can you imagine how amazing that would be if we could see who needed help and then as the church come alongside and help them?

Today, I want to open your eyes and shed some light on the life of a single mom.    

As I look at my list above, I believe she fits into one or more of the categories.  Doing life alone is hard.  Parenting alone is challenging.  Doing life and parenting alone during the coronavirus feels isolating and discouraging. 

Could I brainstorm with you some practical ways you can come alongside and help single moms in your life?

  • Help with groceries. (either send a gift card or offer to buy them and deliver them)
  • Adopt a single mom family for the Holidays and help with Christmas gifts.
  • Invite them to watch church with you- maybe in your backyard social distanced. (For me, watching church alone has been very lonely)
  • Send encouraging notes.
  • Help their kids with school supplies, new clothes for back to school or maybe even a winter jacket.
  • Pamper the mom with a Blessing Bag or Box. (something special just for her)

Is there someone coming to your mind?  What if you could offer her some encouragement and hope?  

The Holidays are just around the corner, and I want to encourage you to open your eyes to see those around you that may feel lonely during this pandemic.

Today, I focused on single moms, but there are so many in need: I can picture an elderly woman who would love to feel special, a child whose parent works full time and could use help with school, a neighbor whose family is out of town and feels lonely…

So many people we can bless in these next weeks and months.  I pray for God to give us eyes to see those in need around us!

Love, Jodi

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