Forgiveness Part 2

It is truly hard for me to not have my boys home; they have been up north with their dad for the last 3 days.   However, one of the positive things is that I get to read and journal without interruption. I truly embrace this alone time to dig deeper and God has been so faithful!

This morning, I have been reading Sheila Walsh’s book, ”The storm inside: Trade the Chaos of How You Feel for the Truth of Who You Are.” An amazing book and I highly recommend it! I read the chapter on forgiveness today and it was amazing! Here is something I wanted to share with you from that chapter:

“Forgiveness is not about removing someone else’s liability, but about setting your own hearts free. Did you hear that. It’s not about the other’s person’s sin; it’s about your freedom. Satan would love to keep each of us in a prison of unforgiveness, bound forever to the one who sinned against us. The enemy has many finely honed darts aimed at the hearts of all who love God- but hear this: he has nothing in his arsenal to combat forgiveness!”

Wow- this is powerful!! I love that Satan has no ways to combat forgiveness. So when we choose to forgive and give grace to someone that has wronged us and hurt us, Satan is at a loss.   Not only are we freeing ourselves from bitterness and resentment but we are sucker punching Satan at the same time! Now, that is amazing!

However, I know this act of forgiveness is not easy! In fact, it is truly hard to do it; we naturally want to hold onto the anger we feel from the hurt and pain and the thought of letting it go does not come naturally. I have been digging deeper into forgiveness lately. I just finished the book, “The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom From Forgiveness” by Suzanne Eller; another great book which I totally recommend. One thing that I am coming to terms with is that this is not a one time thing.   I think forgiveness is a daily act of laying your hurt and pain at the feet of Jesus and asking for strength to relinquish it!   This is a very difficult thing and I don’t know if you are struggling with it too. I would like to encourage you and pray for you and me as we try to forgive someone that has hurt us.

God, you know the pain that we have experienced and you know the hurt we are still feeling. By your power and strength, help us move to a place of forgiveness where we lay these hurts and pains at the foot of the cross. I know it is not easy but I know that it is important. God, meet us where we are at- help us take the next step toward forgiveness whether it is to begin to entertain the thought that we can forgive or whether it is daily surrendering it to you. God, we can do ALL things through Christ that gives us strength and I honestly believe this statement to be true! Thank you for your unconditional love and comfort through these hard times!! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Love you all,


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