Encouragement When Mother’s Day is Hard

This Sunday, we honor moms!  For some of us, this will be a special day.  But for others, this will be a very difficult day.

For those who have lost their mom.  For those who long to be a mom and that dream has not happened yet. For those who have lost a child.

I want to encourage you by sharing some things that helped me during my grief.

1. Give yourself lots of grace. Remember that you are dearly loved!

2. Ask God for strength and energy to get through the day.  Invite friends to pray for you too.

3. Surround yourself with people who care and can empathize with you. This could be your family, friends, or your small group at church.

4. Be honest with how you are feeling and let others know what you need.  Journal how you are feeling if that helps!

5. Talk about the loved one you are missing.  Let yourself cry if needed; I remember shedding lots of tears.

6. Don’t put any expectations on yourself to do the same traditions you have done in the past if it is too much for you. 

7. Guard your heart by taking a social media break.  Social Media makes you think that everyone has it all together, and you are the only one whose heart is shattered.

8. Fill your mind with truth by listening to worship music or reading a helpful book.

9. Please don’t rush your grief.  Don’t worry about anyone else’s expectations.  You set your pace for the day.

10. And most importantly, remember that “It is okay not to be okay.” Once again, give yourself lots of grace!

I am truly so sorry for your loss. I will be thinking of you and praying for you as God helps you get through this hard day.  Sending you a big hug!

Love, Jodi

Note: This week, my friend, Allyn Ann, shares her infertility story on my Depth Podcast. Through 10 years of ups and downs and 6 IVF procedures, she opens up about her emotional journey to having 2 miraculous IVF babies. I believe her story will encourage you and offer you hope during this hard season.

To listen to her special mom story, please click on the following link: https://link.chtbl.com/vZzTid7o

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Jodi Rosser is passionate about sharing God’s truth with others through her book ministry. “We lose ourselves in books; we find ourselves there too.” This quote is hanging on a sign in Jodi’s favorite room in her house, the library. As she walked through the greatest heartbreaks in her life, books have played a significant part in her healing.

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