Do, Delegate and Dismiss

Would you describe your life as busy? Do you have a full plate this fall? At night, do you collapse into bed tired and exhausted?

Honestly, I nearly exhausted myself last week. Instead of waking up early each morning for a quiet time like I usually do, I was jumping right into my to-do list.   With three important God assignments this year, my brain bounced from either fundraising for our Rwanda trip next summer to writing and working on growing my platform to teaching science and prepping for teaching. Add single parenting and just typing out this list is exhausting.

Trying to do life on my own strength, I was frazzled, frustrated, and freaking out.

Something had to change; I knew I could not keep up the pace that I was pushing my body.   Even though God has blessed me with high energy, I knew that my own strength would not be enough for the God assignments in my life. So this week, I let go of my plans and began my day asking God for His plans for me.   Still waking up early, I did not jump into my busy day but instead I quieted my heart asking God for guidance and wisdom over my to do list.   What a difference!

“God will never ask you to stretch yourself so thin that you don’t have time for Him.”

I love this quote from Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book, “It’s All Under Control.”   Such a great reminder that even our God assignments cannot come before our time with God.  If we find ourselves purposely cutting out our time with God in order to get our to-do list done, then we need to re-evaluate our schedule.   Jennifer encourages us to examine our schedule and place items into one of 3 categories:

  • “Do: These are assignments that you consider essential or that you simply enjoy.

  • Delegate: These are assignments that you will turn over to someone else.

  • Dismiss: These are assignments that you will have to let go of, without guilt.”

I love this practical tool from Jennifer’s book. What has God called you to do? What God assignment do you need to complete? Whatever it is: leading, mentoring, volunteering, writing… Take that next step!   I love what Jennifer says in her book, “You surrender outcomes but you don’t surrender effort. God will call you to do hard things, and with his Spirit pulsing through you, you are more than able.”   I love this reminder that we surrender the outcomes but we still need to do the hard work!

If I am completely honest, delegating can be hard for me. Does anyone else struggle with delegating? I like to be the one “doing” but I am learning to ask for help from others. In my teaching, I have parent helpers for copying and prepping. At home, I delegating more chores to the kids: dishes, dishwasher, trash, laundry… this is freeing up more time for me to do what God has asked me to do.

As I examine what I can dismiss, I am learning that sometimes it is a good thing that I have to say no to so I can make room for a better thing.   Sometimes my best yes is rest. In Jennifer’s book, she says, “The busier you are, the more you need to rest.” I am finding this to be so true. I cannot always make it to every social event, sometimes my body needs to rest and recuperate. For me, reading a book rejuvenates me! What rejuvenates you? What do you need to dismiss to make time for you?

Friends, this is not easy. Life gets busy quickly so we have to be intentional. But most of all, we want to invite God into our schedules. Jennifer shares a quick and simple prayer in her book that we can say each day:

“God help me to make choices today that honor your plans for my life.”

This is my prayer for you and for me!

Love, Jodi

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