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Episode 33: Special Mom Story — Jamie Brownlee Turgeon

This week, my sister, Jamie Brownlee Turgeon shares about her two special mom roles as well as encourages all of us to be an influencer in a child’s life.  Whether you are the biological mom, adoptive mom, stepmom, aunt, grandma, or mentor, we all have a significant impact.  I love that Jamie challenges us to be intentional and purposeful.

First, Jamie shares about how she influences my kids as their much-loved aunt.  I am thankful that she has been an important motherly figure to my kids as she loves on them, encourages them, and gives them advice. We talk how my kids would make her a special card for Mother’s Day letting her know how much we appreciate her.  If you have a woman in your life that pours into your kids, I highly recommend honoring her on Mother’s Day.

Secondly, after my sister got married, Jamie became a stepmom to two amazing kids. I love how she shares about her impact in this important “bonus mom” role.  She is also honest about the ups and downs of being a stepmom and shares some resources that helped her along the way.

Lastly, we will talk about ways we can encourage and come along side women in both of these special mom roles. We definitely try to tackle some of the hard questions.

Friends, one of the main goals of this special mom series was to remind all of us that we all have an important role.  We have the privilege to encourage and influence a child; what a honor to be a motherly figure to them!  I want to you to know that I am cheering you all on in your “special mom” story, and I pray you are intentional in the kid’s lives that you are impacting.

Recommended Book: *My Bonus Mom

Episode 33: Special Mom Story — Allison Chambers

This week, Allison Chambers shares her foster to adopt story. I love how God placed on her heart this calling to help foster babies. What started as only a desire for emergency placement quickly changed as both her and her husband attended the foster training classes. With three boys at home, they knew in their heart, God was calling them to adopt one more.

I just love their faithfulness in taking the next step.  Allison honestly shares the ups and downs of foster care as well as her road to adoption.  She encourages all of us to get involved by either taking classes or coming along side and supporting foster families.  Love her practical ideas of how we can help!

Friends, you don’t want to miss this beautiful story of how God blessed them with sweet Judah.

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Hope Writers

Has God placed a message on your heart that He wants you to share with others?  Do you feel called to write? Are you looking for a supportive community to come along side of you?

I have been a Hope Writer for a year now and love it!  Joining and building community has truly made such a difference for me.  The trainings and teachings are helpful and insightful. 

If you are interested, let me share with you some helpful free tools:

Membership for Hope Writers only opens up a couple times a year and this week (May 18-22) is one of them.

Friends, writing can be a very lonely process, so community is so important! If you listen to my podcast, you can see that many of my guests I have met through Hope Writers. The Hope Writers Community is incredible and I highly recommend it.

Episode 32: Special Mom Story — Monty Stepura

This week, Monty Stepura shares her adoption story.  It is beautiful to see God’s provision as she shares each part of her journey. Honestly, it is amazing to trace His hands and fingerprints in each and every detail of her life.  Friends, her story is powerful, and you do not want to miss these special God moments!

In addition, Monty offers encouragement and hope to women considering adoption.  She shares some of her favorite books that helped her along her journey as well as some helpful Scripture verses.  I love her wisdom and insight!

Monty Stepura is helping others through her mentoring ministry. She loves to support Christian Women with a genuine interest in being Mentored though the Adoption process in any or all of the following areas:

  • Choosing an International vs Local Adoption
  • The benefits of choosing an Open vs Closed Adoption
  • What to expect during the Home Study Process
  • Writing an effective Dear Birth Mother Letter
  • Preparing for your baby’s arrival in less than 9 months
  • Meeting Other Adoptive Parents
  • Telling Your Child He/She is Adopted
  • What to do when your own health is compromised during the adoption process
  • Resources and support for the journey

To express interest or for questions about the Mentoring Process, you can connect with Monty by email at or message her on Instagram @mhstepura or Facebook- Monty Harding Stepura

Books Monty recommended:

  • Precious Bible Promises by Nelson Publishing
  • The Power of Encouragement by Jeanne Doering
  • Encouragement for the Adoption & Parenting Journey by Rachel Garlinghouse and Madeline Melcher (a weekly devotional)
  • Hope for the Adoption Journey: 28 True Post-Adoption Stories to Comfort and Encourage by Katherine Piper  (Stories from twenty-eight women with very different circumstances who have adopted and fostered children, both domestic and international, of various ages and backgrounds, with a wide range of needs—and who have endured to share their joy. All profits will be used to help prospective adoptive parents bring their children home.

Special Mother’s Day Book Giveaway:

Episode 31: Special Mom Story — Allyn Ann Simpson

This week, Allyn Ann shares her infertility story.  Through 10 years of ups and downs, 5 IUI cycles, 4 endometriosis surgeries, and 6 IVF procedures, Allyn Ann honestly shares her emotional journey to having 2 miraculous IVF babies.  You don’t want to miss her powerful story.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Allyn Ann and I also talk about how we can come along side and help someone walking this hard road of infertility. I love her practical ideas as well as what to say and not to say.

Lastly, if you are walking this hard path of infertility, let me first say, I am so sorry. I believe Allyn Ann’s story will encourage you and remind you that you are not alone.  She also offers great advice about finding a support group and giving yourself lots of grace.  I hope her words offer you hope and encouragement.

To connect with Ally Ann and hear more about her foundation, Defiantly Hopeful, go to her website: 

Allyn Ann and her husband, Jeremy, are passionate about building families through IVF.  It was out of their personal experience that they started their foundation to help make IVF available to couples who may otherwise not be able to build their family through this amazing technology.  They plan to give out 2-4 IVF grants a year. 

You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram @Defiantlyhopeful to see the latest grant information and locations coming in the future.

Episode 30: Inspiring Writer — Becky Beresford

Today, I talk with Becky Beresford, a fellow Hope Writer and friend. I love her passion for helping women embrace their worth. Her Brave Women Wednesday Series is my favorite! Each week, she highlights a different women’s story of God’s faithfulness as they find hope in the middle of loss, strength during times of uncertainty, and courage to combat fear and anxiety.  I cannot wait for you to hear Becky’s heart to help women find their true identity as God’s daughters! Honestly, it is my favorite part! 

Becky Beresford lives in Huntley, IL and is happily outnumbered by her husband and three wild boys. She is a writer, dreamer, certified life coach and speaker with a Master’s Certificate in Discipleship from Moody Theological Seminary. Becky loves encouraging God’s Daughters to embrace their holy worth and live life fully loved. When she isn’t at the keyboard, you can find her dreaming of sandy beaches, serving mamas in church and hanging with her people. She would love to connect with you online at, where you can grab a FREE copy of the Brave Woman Manifesto: Five Things to Tell Yourself When Life Gets Hard. Feel free to follow her and the weekly Brave Women Series on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

A TO Z Identity List- go to

Episode 29: It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way — Lysa TerKeurst

Today, I talk with Lysa TerKeurst about her book, *It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way.  I don’t know about you, but I have found myself saying those exact words a lot lately due to the Covid-19 virus.  With graduations and weddings cancelled, many people are walking through a season of disappointment. Lysa shares some helpful tips on how to handle disappointment as well as some profound truth when you feel shattered. You do not want to miss what she reveals about dust. Honestly, it is my favorite part.

Lysa TerKeurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and a #1 New York Times best-selling author of *It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way, Uninvited and twenty-one other books. But to those who know her best she’s just a simple girl who holds fast to God’s truth and speaks about hope in the midst of her own struggles. Lysa lives with her family in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Connect with her at or on social media @LysaTerKeurst.

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