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Episode 26: Family and Feelings — Rosser Family

Today, I am thrilled to announce that my two sons are my guests on my podcast this week!  We talk all about family and feelings. As we enter this uncertain season with the coronavirus, I know that many kids and parents are experiencing lots of emotions.  Worry, disappointment, fear, and sadness are just some of the ones occupying our minds.

I thought it would be helpful for my boys and me to share some of the creative tools that we learned in counseling during those emotionally hard years following the divorce.  Honestly, it was so special recording an episode with my sons, but I think what makes it even more special is seeing God use one of the most heartbreaking years of our lives to help others dive deeper into their emotions. 

Praying this episode encourages you and ignites in you a desire to grow deeper in your emotional literacy!  I promise it will change your life for the better!

Episode 25: Spring Cleaning For Your Heart & Home — Amy Terry

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Amy Terry.  We discuss her devotional, Spring Cleaning for Your Heart and Home.  I think you are going to love the premise behind her book as she looks closer at a verse in Matthew.  Honestly, hearing this special verse in the Message version was one of my favorite parts.

Again, I love God’s Timing for this episode on spring cleaning as we are staying home for the next weeks.  I think decluttering and simplifying are both a great use of our time as we are “sheltering in place”.  Amy focuses on more than just the physical cleaning of our homes; I love how she connects it to our hearts! 

Amy Terry is a writer of Bible Studies and Monday Morning Devotions on Biblical Daughterhood at She lives in North Carolina with her Nascar chaplain husband, three kids, and a Malshi puppy named Millie. Check out her Devotional: “Spring Cleaning for Your Heart and Home: Praying Your Way to a Clean House,”

Episode 24: Simple Prayer — Rachel Larkin

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Rachel Larkin. We highlight her book, Simple Prayer: The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary. I love her insight and wisdom on prayer and journaling.  You definitely do not want to miss her story about the sparrow as well as the cockroaches and how they apply to Scripture and prayer. Honestly, these are my favorite parts! 

Also, I love God’s perfect timing for this podcast episode on prayer.  With a national emergency and the coronavirus, prayer is so important. I want you to know that I am praying for you and our country.  I am praying for those who are vulnerable and at risk.  I am praying for those who work in the medical field: doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.  Lastly, I am praying for all of us to unite and help those in need. Prayer is a powerful tool! Will you join me in praying?

Rachel Larkin is an author, speaker, chartered accountant and home-school mum. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and their three young adult sons. She is the author of Simple Prayer: The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary . She has a passion to see believers growing in faith and prayer as well as developing their potential for Jesus. She blogs at To find out more on seeing God turn up in your daily life, Rachel has a free eBook available for download – The Untold Story: 7 Steps to Seeing God in the Midst of your Real Messy Life

Episode 23: Inspiring Writer — Twyla Franz

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Twyla Franz.  We are both Hope Writers, and I just love the intentionality in her life.  Even as an introvert, Twyla opens her heart and home to her neighbors, and she encourages others to do the same through her writing and podcast.  Her passion for “Doing Life Together” is contagious and you do not want to miss what she shares about direction vs. pace, one of my favorite parts.

Twyla blogs about her passion, neighborhood missional living, hoping to make it feel less intimidating for others to begin to open their own hearts, lives, and homes to their neighbors. She sees our call to fulfill the Great Commission as an invitation to be disciple-making-disciples not just in the faraway places, but also right where we live—in our own neighborhoods. Twyla writes weekly at The Uncommon Normal, and an audio version of the posts is now available as a podcast under the same name. You may also connect with her on InstagramPinterestFacebook, or Twitter.