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Episode 44: Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith — JJ Gutierrez

Do you struggle with fear?  Do you find yourself up at night worrying about life’s circumstances?  Are you anxious as you look ahead at the unknown?

This week on the podcast, I am excited to talk with JJ Gutierrez about her new book, *Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith.  We have all heard the phrase, Chickening Out (being scared), so I love that her book is the opposite, Chickening In (overcoming fear). 

So excited for you to hear the wisdom JJ shares about walking in faith instead of fear and learning to trust God in the Unknown. In fact, Traveling Down Unknown Roads is my favorite chapter of her book, and I love our discussion of the life of Joseph, my favorite Bible character. I am truly in awe of God and the timing of this episode as so many of us are facing our own unknown roads with Covid-19. 

I promise you do not want to miss this episode.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of JJ’s book, *Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website; here is this direct link:

JJ Gutierrez is a corporate career woman turned homeschool mom, author, writer, and speaker. Married for 24 years with three girls…two adults daughters and 10-year-old Hope, the mastermind behind Chickening IN. JJ has a passion for seeing women grow in courage and faith, and often you can find her starting new small group ministries. JJ loves her German Shepherd- Bella and most days you’ll find her sipping a glass of fresh brewed ice tea.

You can connect with JJ on her website:

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Book Recommendations:

Episode 43: You’ll Find Me At The Ocean — Martha Black

Have you ever walked through something hard and seen God take it and use it for good?  Have you ever walked through a heartbreak and then years later helped someone else through that same exact heartbreak?

This week on the Depth Podcast, Martha Black shares with us her new children’s book: *You’ll Find Me At The Ocean: A Journey of Grief Through the Eyes of a Child. Sadly, Martha lost her mother to cancer. Through this book, she is taking her greatest heartbreak and turning it into her greatest ministry by helping others who are walking through grief.

Martha vulnerably shares about the loss of her mother along with practical examples of what helped her through the grief. She also shares some wonderful ways we can honor our loved ones on the special days like birthdays and anniversaries as well as how we can come alongside and support those grieving on those hard days.

I think that is why it is so special that this podcast episode is releasing on the birthday of Martha’s mother. What a wonderful way to honor her life and remember her legacy.  Friend, you do not want to miss this beautiful story of how a young girl in the middle of her grief finds God’s faithfulness in addition to memories of her mother at the ocean! 

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Martha’s book, *You’ll Find Me At The Ocean.  All the details of the book giveaway are on my website; here is this direct link:

Book Recommendations

Martha Black is wife, mother, elementary teacher, blogger, author, and speaker.  She and her husband, Jeff, reside in Arkansas. Together, they have a brilliant and kind teenage son, Isaiah.  In 2019, Martha began blogging on Facebook (Martha Black, Christian Blogger for Butterflies and Daisies), and just a few months later, God gave her the words to her first published book, *You’ll Find Me At The Ocean A Journey of Grief Through the Eyes of a Child.  Supporting those who are grieving is something that she is very passionate about.  In December 2015, she lost her best friend, biggest cheerleader, number one friend…my Mama…to cancer.  She was only 58, and Martha was 34 years old and left without a mother.  Her Mama loved butterflies and daisies, so the name of her blog is just a small way that she could honor her. 

Not long after writing this book, God led Martha to begin a private group on Facebook, Martha Black Ministries: Finding Peace After The Pain.  After suffering such a huge loss, she had both discovered what had helped as she grieved and what did not.  She desires to offer what she has learned (and continue to learn) about both the grieving process, and what God’s Word teaches us that gives us hope and peace.

It is Martha Black’s hope and prayer that what you read on her accounts blesses you and encourages you in The Lord.  Some days, she focuses on the topic of grief.  There are days she shares what God is teaching her in life and in the world.  Other days, she focuses simply on Scripture.  Regardless of what Martha shares, it is her prayer that it encourages her readers and gives them a hope that can only be found in God.

Contact Information:

Episode 42: Colliding With The Call — Corella Roberts

Are you walking through a hard season?  Maybe circumstances did not go as you hoped or planned, and you find yourself in the wilderness. 

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Corella Roberts.  We discuss her book, *Colliding With The Call: When Following God Takes You To The Wilderness. Corella vulnerably shares the truths she learned during her wilderness season in Alaska. I love how she traced the fingerprints of God during this hard time and found His faithfulness through it all. You do not want to miss what God revealed to her especially in my favorite chapter called Circles.

Corella Roberts makes her home in Northern Thailand where she and her husband partner with an international school to “Serve the Servants.” Their first missionary teaching assignment landed them in the remote bush of Alaska, which you can read about in her newly released book, *Colliding With The Call. From tundra to tropics, her life of following Jesus has been nothing less than story-worthy, and she loves using her experiences to encourage others to connect deeply with God at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, or meandering their local produce market in search of mangosteen and lychee fruit.  

Book Recommendations:

Episode 41: Inspiring Writer — Pamela Henkelman

Today, I talk with Pamela Henkelman, a fellow Hope Writer whose passion is encouraging women.  I love how she inspires women to connect with God as well as help them see themselves as God sees them!  Pamela understands the connection between intimacy with God and knowing her identity in God and wants to help us see this connection too.

Pamela also has a powerful testimony of how she met Jesus. Honestly, I love all the miraculous stories she shares on the podcast. God has shown up big in her life even through some of the hardest times!  She loves to encourage women to be vulnerable and share their God stories. Honestly, this is my favorite part.

Book Recommendations

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Pamela is an enthusiastic encourager. She believes all of life flows from our intimacy with God. She helps women build a close connection with God and understand their identity in Christ, as beloved. She teaches women to release people-pleasing, approval-seeking, and shame through her coaching, writing and speaking.

Pamela lives in the midwest and is married to her Pastor. They have five adult children and two grandsons and will celebrate 33 years of marriage in October.

You can find her monthly newsletter, Be[Loved] Notes on her website, Her newsletter includes, Be[Loved] Woman’s Story, teaching, coaching, and insights on how to move forward in our relationship with God and our identity in Christ.

For fun, Pamela enjoys deep conversations over coffee, time spent laughing with anyone, and cooking delicious food.

You can find Pamela on FB, She also has a private FB Group for women called Be[Loved] Community

You can find her on Instagram @

Episode 40: Inspiring Story– Grace Wabuke Klein

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my friend, Grace Wabuke Klein as she vulnerably shares her story. She will open your eyes to what it was like for her to grow up in America as an African American woman.  I love that she is helping raise awareness in the tone of hope.  Grace also shares 4 practical steps to help us move toward unity from the Good Samarian parable.  I promise you do not want to miss her wisdom.

In addition, I highly recommend you reading Grace’s powerful story by decade on Instagram @gracewabukeklein.  I know her posts will inspire you to want to lean in and better understand racism.  Honestly, I cannot wait to read Grace’s entire story in her soon to be released book, The Neighbor Next Door.

Lastly, Grace shares about flourishing in the winter season. Being single for two decades before meeting her husband, Grace shares what God revealed to her about Depth.  Honestly, it is one of my favorite parts of our conversation.

Book Recommendations

  • * Humility by Andrew Murray
  • * The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation by Miles McPherson
  • * Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation by Latasha Morrison

Grace and her husband lead focus412, a ministry that helps churches grow. Previously, she was on the pastoral staff at Faith Church in West Covina, California, for more than 15 years. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master’s in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Some fun facts about Grace: when she’s not exploring a fascinating country around the world, she is taking on new home improvement projects, seeking adventure ski diving or scuba diving, trying a new restaurant, enjoying hot yoga, completing marathons and a sprint triathlon. She recently married the love of her life, Phillip Klein and is blessed with two adult daughters, Philecia Klein and Paige Straarup, and a son-in-law, Brad Straarup.

You can connect with Grace at

Episode 39: Blessings Brokers– Danya Jordan

Have you ever had an “in awe of God” moment?  A moment where God showed up big and exceeded your expectations.  I like to call these Ephesians 3:20 moments.

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Danya Jordan.  We talk about how we first met which happens to be one of my “in awe of God” moments.  We also talk about giving today.  I have found that many times, our Ephesians 3:20 moments happen after we faithfully say yes to God and give our time, money, or resources. Giving is so important.

Friends, I love Danya’s heart for giving! She has been helping others reach their God sized vision for 26 years.  I am excited for you to hear about Blessings Brokers as well as her passion for God’s Word!  I know you are going to be blessed by what she shares especially when she talks about the book she is co-authoring, Lavish.

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Danya Jordan, founder and President of Blessings Brokers, loves serving as a Christian Donor Development consultant. She formerly served as Proverbs 31 Ministries Executive Director of Donor Development. With 26 years of nonprofit leadership, she is passionate about working together to prayerfully equip, empower, and encourage God-sized visions to become reality.

Danya teaches a ladies’ Sunday school class at her church and sings in the praise band. Her mission statement is “You Shine!” based on Matthew 5:16. She loves to Bible teach, write messages that make a difference, motivate, equip and empower leaders, kayak, spend time in the North Carolina mountains, and laugh with family and friends.

You can connect with her at as well as @blessingsbrokers on Instagram and Facebook.  You can read her blog on as well as connect with her @danyamjordan on Instagram and Facebook

Episode 38: Moving Forward— Christa Hutchins

Do you have a God-sized dream?  Do you sometimes struggle with how to move forward in your dream? 

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Christa Hutchins.  We discuss her book, *Moving Forward: Inspiration for the Go-Getter Jesus Girl.  I think you are going to love her 4 steps to help you get unstuck as you pursue your God-sized dream.  I love all her practical steps and insightful ideas.  Her advice on overcoming doubt is my favorite part!

I reference a blog post called When Doubt Creeps In.  Here is the link to read it.

Christa Hutchins uses tough grace to equip busy communicators and leaders with project management and problem solving skills so they can turn their big ideas into a successful ministry or business. She is passionate about teaching women to find practical application of the Bible in their personal, professional and ministry lives. Christa lives in south Louisiana with her husband in their delightfully empty nest. Visit her at to connect and download free resources.

Episode 37: Father’s Day — John Brownlee

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I am excited to have my dad, John Brownlee, as a guest on the Depth podcast this week.  I asked him to share some of his words of wisdom and best advice as he is a father to 4 girls and a grandfather to 7 grandchildren.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I love that my dad shares some of our funny memories and crazy dinner activities as well as encourages other dads to make their kids a priority.   I am so thankful that my dad was an intentional father to me and my sisters.

I recommend listening to this episode along side your spouse or if you are a single mom like me, there are still lots parenting nuggets in this episode for you as well!  I believe parenting is the most rewarding and challenging job all at the same time, so I hope this episode encourages you along your parenting journey!

Episode 36: Garden Tales: A Seed’s Story — Brandie Muncaster

How do you see yourself?  How do you see others?  Do you see yourself as a beautiful creation of God?  Do you also see others as God’s beautiful creation? How we see ourselves and others is so important.

This week on the Depth Podcast, Brandie Muncaster shares with us her new children’s book: *Garden Tales: A Seed’s Story.  Her book focuses on who we are in Christ. Through the seed’s search for her identity and the Gardener’s gentle and loving answer, Brandie reminds us that God sees all of us as beautiful and that He made each one of us for a purpose.

This children’s book is phenomenal!  I know as you read the truths in this book, it will touch your heart just as much as your kids and grandkids.  Knowing we are God’s beautiful creation as well as seeing others the way God sees them will be life-changing.  Remember we are all His Masterpiece! 

Brandie Muncaster is a wife, mother to three beautiful children and author of the brand-new children’s book *Garden Tales: A Seed’s Story.  Brandie started writing because she has a passion for helping people discover what it means to live and walk in their true identity.  She and her husband have been married over a decade.  Some of their favorite things to do as a family to pass the time are playing sports, spending time at the beach and the mountains, doing puzzles and playing scrabble.  They happily reside in Charlotte, NC.  You can connect with Brandie at

Book Recommendations: *Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud *How We Love Our Kids by Milan and Kay Yerkovich

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