Depth Podcast

Episode 3: It’s All Under Control — Jennifer Dukes Lee

My interview with Jennifer Dukes Lee about her book, It’s All Under Control, another book that has impacted my life. You will not want to miss her nuggets of truth.  

For more information about her book, go to Jennifer’s website:

Episode 2: How We Love Our Kids — Milan and Kay Yerkovich

My interview with Milan and Kay Yerkovich about their book, How We Love Our Kids, another book that changed my life. You will not want to miss their insight and wisdom. 

For more information about their book, go to Milan and Kay’s website:

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Episode 1: Welcome to the Depth Podcast — Unglued

Introduction to the Depth Podcast: why I chose this title and what this word, Depth, means to me.  I also share more of my story as I dive deeper into one of my life changing books, Unglued, by Lysa TerKeurst.