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Episode 51: Loved & Cherished — Lynn Cowell & Michelle Nietert

This week, I talk with Lynn Cowell and Michelle Nietert about their book, * Loved & Cherished: 100 Devotionals for Girls.  I love that this devotional reminds girls of their identity in Christ. They are loved, cherished, and God’s unique masterpiece!  These are foundational truths that are important to instill in girls at a young age, so they can remember them through the teenage years.  Honestly, I think we as women need to be reminded of these same truths. 

I love that Lynn and Michelle are giving a copy of their devotional to a girl in foster care when you buy a copy of *Loved & Cherished!  This offer is for the first two weeks of their book launch, so this amazing offer ends Sept 22nd so please act fast.  More details about it on the website for their book:

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Lynn and Michelle’s devotional for girls, *Loved & Cherished. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click on this direct link:

Lastly, Lynn and Michelle host a podcast together called Raising Brave Beauties. It was created for moms and daughters to listen together. But I think if you are influencing a girl through church or as a grandmother, aunt, or family friend, I think it would be beneficial for you too. I plan to listen to it with my nieces.

I cannot wait for you to hear all about this devotional on the podcast this week; I promise you that you do not want to miss the truth Lynn and Michelle share!

Lynn Cowell is part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’ speaker and writing team. As the author of several books, written for women of all ages, her newest book is: Loved & Cherished: 100 Devotionals for Girls. Lynn calls home North Carolina, where she and her husband, Greg, and the occasional backyard deer are adjusting to life as “just us”. Along with their three adult children, the Cowells love hiking, rafting, and anything combining chocolate and peanut butter. You can connect with Lynn at her website: or on facebook and Instagram @lynncowell

Michelle Nietert, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor has been providing therapeutic interventions to children and their families in counseling offices for over 20 years. A recognized expert in Solution Focused Therapy, she is the clinical director and owner of a large counseling center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Michelle’s writing can be found on the MOPS blog, in Lifeway’s Parenting Magazine and she is the Mental Health columnist for Just Between Us Magazine. She also joins her audiences in the parenting trenches as a happily married mom of two school-aged children. To discover her Counselor Thoughts blog and podcast providing Solutions for Life, please visit

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Episode 50: Love-Powered Parenting — Tom & Chaundel Holladay

This week, I talk with Tom and Chaundel Holladay about their book,*Love-Powered Parenting. Tom is one of the teaching pastors at Saddleback Church and Chaundel speaks at Treasured, a bible study for young moms. I first read this parenting book at Treasured when my kids were much younger. I recently have read it again now that my kids are older, and I believe the truths they share can apply to all ages from toddlers to teenagers. 

I love that this book centers around looking at parenting through the lens of love. Today we focus on my two favorite parts of the book: the power of your priorities and the power of your words. I love the practical tools that Tom and Chaundel share as well as their wisdom from raising 3 children and now 6 grandchildren.  Having them both on the podcast was such a joy!

I promise you do not want to miss this episode.

Also, I am so excited for this week’s giveaway of their book,*Love-Powered Parenting.  This giveaway is special and unique because when you win, I will send you two copies of this book: one for you and one for a friend!  How awesome to win a book for yourself and one for your friend this fall!  And there is even more, I will be giving away 5 of these special twin sets!

All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click this direct link to the Book Giveaway. Friends, you do not want to miss your chance to win this amazing parenting book for both you and your friend!

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Tom and Chaundel Holladay have three children and six grandchildren and have served together at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California for almost thirty years.

Episode 49: Fear Gone Wild — Kayla Stoecklein

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and the podcast is discussing Kayla Stoecklein’s new book, *Fear Gone Wild: A Story of Mental Illness, Suicide, and Hope Through Loss. If you are not familiar with her story, sadly, her husband, Andrew, died by suicide two years ago. Now, Kayla has become an advocate for mental health by spreading awareness and offering hope as she vulnerably shares her story.

Suicide and Mental illness are not discussed much, so I am thankful to Kayla for helping give voice to this important subject.  She shares the myths of suicide and how to help someone walking through depression. She honestly talks about her wilderness season and how God has helped her thrive even in the middle of it. Lastly, she gives an amazing illustration of grief and pain to help those who are walking through loss.

I promise you do not want to miss the truth she shares.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Kayla’s book,*Fear Gone Wild. All the details are on my website, or you can click direct link below:

In August of 2018, Kayla lost her husband, Andrew – pastor of Inland Hills Church in Chino, California – to suicide. In the wake of the tragedy, she embarked on a brave journey to better understand his harrowing battle with mental illness and, ultimately, to overcome the stigma of suicide.

With a clear-eyed acknowledgment of how misguided and misinformed she was about mental illness, Kayla Stoecklein shares her story in hopes that anyone walking through the wilderness of mental illness will be better equipped for the journey and will learn to put their hope in Jesus through it all.

You can connect more with Kayla on Instagram @kaylasteck or her website at

Book Recommendations:

Episode 48: Even If Not — Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Do you believe God is good even when He doesn’t do what you hoped He would do?  Can you trust Him in the messy middle?

Today, I talk with Kaitlyn Bouchillon about her book, *Even If Not: Living, Loving and Learning in the in Between. Kaitlyn vulnerably shares her personal “Even If Not” story as well as her love for the ampersand, the & sign!  Many of us are living in the ampersand, the in between. Talking with Kaitlyn about living in between broken & mended was honestly my favorite part. Her words from that chapter touched my heart.  She said, “When we let God do the mending, Broken Things can become Blessed Things.”  Love this!

Kaitlyn has turned this quote into a beautiful piece of artwork with a cracked and broken tea cup.  She has offered to give away a print of this amazing quote. I am excited for someone to win this in addition to a copy of her book.  All the details are on my website, or you can click on the direct link:

Kaitlyn Bouchillon is a Virtual Assistant, book launch manager, storyteller and (in)courage contributor who writes about not only discovering God’s goodness in the ordinary, but His faithfulness in the difficult. If you’re facing a chapter in your story that you wouldn’t have chosen, you’ll find hope in Kaitlyn’s vulnerable and honest book, Even If Not: Living, Loving and Learning in the in Between. For more encouragement and dozens of free resources (beautiful prints and lock screens!), visit or follow Kaitlyn on Instagram.

Book Recommendations: *One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Episode 47: Special Behind the Scenes — One Year Birthday Celebration

Today is an exciting day!  The Depth Podcast is One Year Old!  

I am so excited for this special Behind the Scenes Birthday Celebration Episode! I cannot wait to share with you the God moments from this last year. I am in awe of God as I see His hand guiding the podcast episodes, the timing of when they release, and the winners of the book giveaways. One story is so special that it can only be explained by God orchestrating all the details. His timing is truly remarkable!

Also, I love talking with my friend and accountability partner, Erin Riddle.  We met years ago in Treasured, a Bible Study for young moms at our church.  We had so much fun as she asked me your questions from the survey.  I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me!

I promise you do not want to miss this special behind the scenes episode!  Hearing the amazing God moments over this last year is honestly my favorite part!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement this past year!  I am so looking forward to digging deeper this next year!

Love, Jodi

Episode 46: JoyKeeper — Suzie Eller

Today, I talk with Suzie Eller about her book, *JoyKeeper: 6 Truths That Change Everything You Thought You Know about Joy. Suzie is my first guest to be on my podcast a second time, and I love her vulnerability to share all that has happened in her life since we last talked in the fall.  Walking through some hard family circumstances, Suzie has been living out the message she wrote in her book: “Joy is not a feeling. It is a Knowing.”  I cannot wait for you to hear all the wisdom she shares as well as some of our favorite Joy Keeper vs. Joy Stealer statements.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Suzie’s book, *JoyKeeper. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at and you can click on the book ministry tab for details.

If you missed my first conversation with Suzie about her book, *The Mended Heart, please check out Episode #7 on the Depth podcast.  I love what she shares about brokenness.

Suzanne Eller (Suzie) is a bestselling author. She is co-host of the More Than Small Talk podcast with KLRC Podcast Network, which debuted in the top 25 Christian podcasts. Suzie has appeared on media such as Focus on the Family, Aspiring Women, The Harvest Show, KLOVE and many others. She served with Proverbs 31 Ministries for 14 years. She believes that healed women scoop up other women and run toward the cross. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her kayaking, hanging out with her “littles,” finding the best foodie food truck, or hiking. Connect with Suzie at

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Episode 45: Inspiring Writer — DJ Hejtmanek

This week on the Depth Podcast, I talk with DJ Hejtmanek, a fellow Hope Writer who loves to help others discover their unique calling. She believes it is foundational to know God as well as know how God designed you specifically.  Helping women understand their identity in Christ is one of her passions.

She is also passionate about helping others grow in their faith!  After developing a strong foundation, she loves to equip women by teaching them biblical principles that help them connect the dots spiritually.  Honestly, this is my favorite part of our conversation. 

DJ Hejtmanek is passionate about equipping women to walk in freedom, to discover who they are and fulfill their calling in Christ. She is a development professional, currently raising funds for an international Christian organization. DJ has worn many hats in addition to fundraising – magazine editor, wife, radio broadcaster, blogger, Mom, public relations spokesperson, community college administrator, children’s book author, Bible teacher, JoJo’s dog trainer, “Dovie” to five little girls, and licensed minister. Her website/blog can be found at She is on Instagram @djhejtmanek and Facebook @knowingyourgod. DJ and husband Louis have been married 38 years, live in Broken Arrow, OK, and have two married children and five beautiful granddaughters living nearby. 

Episode 44: Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith — JJ Gutierrez

Do you struggle with fear?  Do you find yourself up at night worrying about life’s circumstances?  Are you anxious as you look ahead at the unknown?

This week on the podcast, I am excited to talk with JJ Gutierrez about her new book, *Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith.  We have all heard the phrase, Chickening Out (being scared), so I love that her book is the opposite, Chickening In (overcoming fear). 

So excited for you to hear the wisdom JJ shares about walking in faith instead of fear and learning to trust God in the Unknown. In fact, Traveling Down Unknown Roads is my favorite chapter of her book, and I love our discussion of the life of Joseph, my favorite Bible character. I am truly in awe of God and the timing of this episode as so many of us are facing our own unknown roads with Covid-19. 

JJ Gutierrez is a corporate career woman turned homeschool mom, author, writer, and speaker. Married for 24 years with three girls…two adults daughters and 10-year-old Hope, the mastermind behind Chickening IN. JJ has a passion for seeing women grow in courage and faith, and often you can find her starting new small group ministries. JJ loves her German Shepherd- Bella and most days you’ll find her sipping a glass of fresh brewed ice tea.

You can connect with JJ on her website:

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Book Recommendations:

Episode 43: You’ll Find Me At The Ocean — Martha Black

Have you ever walked through something hard and seen God take it and use it for good?  Have you ever walked through a heartbreak and then years later helped someone else through that same exact heartbreak?

This week on the Depth Podcast, Martha Black shares with us her new children’s book: *You’ll Find Me At The Ocean: A Journey of Grief Through the Eyes of a Child. Sadly, Martha lost her mother to cancer. Through this book, she is taking her greatest heartbreak and turning it into her greatest ministry by helping others who are walking through grief.

Martha vulnerably shares about the loss of her mother along with practical examples of what helped her through the grief. She also shares some wonderful ways we can honor our loved ones on the special days like birthdays and anniversaries as well as how we can come alongside and support those grieving on those hard days.

I think that is why it is so special that this podcast episode is releasing on the birthday of Martha’s mother. What a wonderful way to honor her life and remember her legacy.  Friend, you do not want to miss this beautiful story of how a young girl in the middle of her grief finds God’s faithfulness in addition to memories of her mother at the ocean! 

Book Recommendations

Martha Black is wife, mother, elementary teacher, blogger, author, and speaker.  She and her husband, Jeff, reside in Arkansas. Together, they have a brilliant and kind teenage son, Isaiah.  In 2019, Martha began blogging on Facebook (Martha Black, Christian Blogger for Butterflies and Daisies), and just a few months later, God gave her the words to her first published book, *You’ll Find Me At The Ocean A Journey of Grief Through the Eyes of a Child.  Supporting those who are grieving is something that she is very passionate about.  In December 2015, she lost her best friend, biggest cheerleader, number one friend…my Mama…to cancer.  She was only 58, and Martha was 34 years old and left without a mother.  Her Mama loved butterflies and daisies, so the name of her blog is just a small way that she could honor her. 

Not long after writing this book, God led Martha to begin a private group on Facebook, Martha Black Ministries: Finding Peace After The Pain.  After suffering such a huge loss, she had both discovered what had helped as she grieved and what did not.  She desires to offer what she has learned (and continue to learn) about both the grieving process, and what God’s Word teaches us that gives us hope and peace.

It is Martha Black’s hope and prayer that what you read on her accounts blesses you and encourages you in The Lord.  Some days, she focuses on the topic of grief.  There are days she shares what God is teaching her in life and in the world.  Other days, she focuses simply on Scripture.  Regardless of what Martha shares, it is her prayer that it encourages her readers and gives them a hope that can only be found in God.

Contact Information:

Episode 42: Colliding With The Call — Corella Roberts

Are you walking through a hard season?  Maybe circumstances did not go as you hoped or planned, and you find yourself in the wilderness. 

Today, I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Corella Roberts.  We discuss her book, *Colliding With The Call: When Following God Takes You To The Wilderness. Corella vulnerably shares the truths she learned during her wilderness season in Alaska. I love how she traced the fingerprints of God during this hard time and found His faithfulness through it all. You do not want to miss what God revealed to her especially in my favorite chapter called Circles.

Corella Roberts makes her home in Northern Thailand where she and her husband partner with an international school to “Serve the Servants.” Their first missionary teaching assignment landed them in the remote bush of Alaska, which you can read about in her newly released book, *Colliding With The Call. From tundra to tropics, her life of following Jesus has been nothing less than story-worthy, and she loves using her experiences to encourage others to connect deeply with God at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, or meandering their local produce market in search of mangosteen and lychee fruit.  

Book Recommendations:

Episode 41: Inspiring Writer — Pamela Henkelman

Today, I talk with Pamela Henkelman, a fellow Hope Writer whose passion is encouraging women.  I love how she inspires women to connect with God as well as help them see themselves as God sees them!  Pamela understands the connection between intimacy with God and knowing her identity in God and wants to help us see this connection too.

Pamela also has a powerful testimony of how she met Jesus. Honestly, I love all the miraculous stories she shares on the podcast. God has shown up big in her life even through some of the hardest times!  She loves to encourage women to be vulnerable and share their God stories. Honestly, this is my favorite part.

Book Recommendations

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Pamela is an enthusiastic encourager. She believes all of life flows from our intimacy with God. She helps women build a close connection with God and understand their identity in Christ, as beloved. She teaches women to release people-pleasing, approval-seeking, and shame through her coaching, writing and speaking.

Pamela lives in the midwest and is married to her Pastor. They have five adult children and two grandsons and will celebrate 33 years of marriage in October.

You can find her monthly newsletter, Be[Loved] Notes on her website, Her newsletter includes, Be[Loved] Woman’s Story, teaching, coaching, and insights on how to move forward in our relationship with God and our identity in Christ.

For fun, Pamela enjoys deep conversations over coffee, time spent laughing with anyone, and cooking delicious food.

You can find Pamela on FB, She also has a private FB Group for women called Be[Loved] Community

You can find her on Instagram @

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