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Depth Podcast Episode 62: Invited — Matt Berry

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Do you desire to grow deeper in your faith?  Have you ever thought about growing deeper as hidden growth? Growth that happens when no one else can see.  Growth that happens between just you and God.  Deep Root Growth.

This week on the podcast, I talk with Matt Berry about his new book, *Invited.  I love this quote from his book, “Meaningful growth takes place in hidden places.”  We dive deeper into this idea of hidden growth as well as talk about the inward and outward practices that help us grow deep roots in our faith.  Honestly, talking about growing deep roots is my favorite part!

I promise you do not want to miss this conversation.

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Matt Berry is an author and director of The Jesus Following Network. He also works full-time in the field of Cybersecurity. His mission in life is to inspire and nurture a lifestyle of movement, freedom, and rest in the lives of spiritually inclined people. He and his wife, Elisa, live in Big Lake, Minnesota, where they are raising their four boys to be world changers…and to not burp at the table.

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