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Depth Podcast Episode 52: Scribbles — Chris Simning

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Do you ever wrestle with God?  Do you ever struggle to understand why you are walking through difficult circumstances? Chris Simning understands.  In 8th grade, his whole world changed when he was stricken with a rare nerve and muscle disease. 

This week on the podcast, Chris vulnerably shares his powerful testimony from his new book,*Scribbles.  I promise you do not want to miss one word, especially when he shares how God revealed His calling for his life through his challenging circumstances.  This is my favorite part.

I first met Chris at Hume Lake Christian Camps my senior year of college, and I was immediately in awe of Chris’ joy for life and love for Jesus while at the same time living with a physical disability.  The beautiful thing is that he does not let his disability define him. Instead, he is speaking a powerful message of hope in the middle of brokenness. 

I encourage you to lean in and listen to Chris’ inspirational message.

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Chris Simning is a remarkable storyteller. He has a personal story to share that is timeless and compelling, endearing him to people of all ages. What captivates his audiences worldwide is not just his voice, but rather the manner in which the Lord uses his platform to share about the reality of brokenness, the provision of God in the midst of it, and the resiliency of the Gospel message in what may be deemed tragic. His hope in Jesus has ignited a passion in Chris to speak about the experience of finding purpose in the midst of a life filled with challenges and how God can bring healing to the wounded of heart even in the worst circumstances.

Chris is not a disabled speaker but a speaker who just so happens to have a disability. His story provides hope in a world that seems bleak and encourages people who need to be inspired by the faithfulness of the Lord, who is with us even when His presence is not felt. His zeal for the Bible, not to mention his humorous personality, is contagious. Chris speaks to churches, retreats, and youth conferences nationally as well as internationally.

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