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Depth Podcast Episode 5: Inspiring Story — Yvonne Buck

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Loss of Pregnancy (Part 1)

Have you lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth?  Do you know a friend who has walked this path?

Oct. 15th is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  In honor of this special day, I have a two part episode on my podcast.

Part 1:  My friend, Yvonne joins me on my podcast as we both share our personal stories of loss.  Yvonne was full term when she lost her sweet Emma at 41 weeks.  I was 16 weeks pregnant when the doctor could not find Baby Grace’s heartbeat.  Through the help of an incredible support group called Empty Arms, we both talk about how we got through the hard emotions that followed the painful loss.   We hope our stories can help encourage someone else walking through a similar heartbreak.

If you find yourself in this unexpected storm or have a friend walking through this, I encourage you to listen to today’s episode.  

I am praying for all of the women who have lost a sweet baby. 

Love, Jodi

Note: Part 2 will release next week.  I interview Dr. Shari Bridgman who wrote the curriculum for the Empty Arms Support group.  It is based on her book, In Heavenly Arms: Grieving the Loss, Healing the Wounds of Miscarriage.  In addition to talking about her book, Dr. Shari will share her own personal journey which includes multiple losses.  You don’t want to miss her powerful story.

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