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Depth Podcast Episode 48: Even If Not — Kaitlyn Bouchillon

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Do you believe God is good even when He doesn’t do what you hoped He would do?  Can you trust Him in the messy middle?

Today, I talk with Kaitlyn Bouchillon about her book, *Even If Not: Living, Loving and Learning in the in Between. Kaitlyn vulnerably shares her personal “Even If Not” story as well as her love for the ampersand, the & sign!  Many of us are living in the ampersand, the in between. Talking with Kaitlyn about living in between broken & mended was honestly my favorite part. Her words from that chapter touched my heart.  She said, “When we let God do the mending, Broken Things can become Blessed Things.”  Love this!

Kaitlyn has turned this quote into a beautiful piece of artwork with a cracked and broken tea cup.  She has offered to give away a print of this amazing quote. I am excited for someone to win this in addition to a copy of her book.  All the details are on my website, jodirosser.com or you can click on the direct link: https://jodirosser.com/giveaways/even-if-not-book-giveaway/

Kaitlyn Bouchillon is a Virtual Assistant, book launch manager, storyteller and (in)courage contributor who writes about not only discovering God’s goodness in the ordinary, but His faithfulness in the difficult. If you’re facing a chapter in your story that you wouldn’t have chosen, you’ll find hope in Kaitlyn’s vulnerable and honest book, Even If Not: Living, Loving and Learning in the in Between. For more encouragement and dozens of free resources (beautiful prints and lock screens!), visit KaitlynBouchillon.com or follow Kaitlyn on Instagram.

Book Recommendations: *One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

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I love to get the right book into a reader’s hands! After each podcast, I will be giving away a copy of the book that I am recommending!