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Depth Podcast Episode 42: Colliding With the Call — Corella Roberts

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Are you walking through a hard season?  Maybe circumstances did not go as you hoped or planned, and you find yourself in the wilderness. 

I cannot wait for you to hear my conversation with Corella Roberts.  We discuss her book, *Colliding With The Call: When Following God Takes You To The Wilderness. Corella vulnerably shares the truths she learned during her wilderness season in Alaska. I love how she traced the fingerprints of God during this hard time and found His faithfulness through it all. You do not want to miss what God revealed to her especially in my favorite chapter called Circles.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a copy of Corella’s book,*Colliding With The Call. All the details of the book giveaway are on my website at or you can click on the link below:

I promise you that you do not want to miss this episode.

Corella Roberts makes her home in Northern Thailand where she and her husband partner with an international school to “Serve the Servants.” Their first missionary teaching assignment landed them in the remote bush of Alaska, which you can read about in her newly released book, ,*Colliding With The Call. From tundra to tropics, her life of following Jesus has been nothing less than story-worthy, and she loves using her experiences to encourage others to connect deeply with God at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, or meandering their local produce market in search of mangosteen and lychee fruit.  

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