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177: Special Daughter Story — Adlie Young

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Have you ever been in awe of God’s timing and God’s fingerprints all over the details of a story? I am excited to tell you about one that recently happened. I don’t know if you heard last week’s episode, but I talked with Jessica Young, and she was one of my special mom stories. Her daughter, Adlie, has a rare genetic disorder and on that episode, we talked about how Adlie had a bone marrow transplant. If you missed our conversation, I highly recommend listening to it first and this one second. I promise the truths that Jessica shares are powerful.

This week, I am super excited to be talking with Adlie, Jessica’s daughter. She is going to share the story from her perspective, and I am just in awe of her maturity and wisdom at the young age of ten years old. I promise you do not want to miss one word she shares. She is so inspiring and making such an impact on others.  So, we will start by listening to our conversation—one of my favorites. And then I have a special God story to share with you that happened after my interviews with Jessica and Adlie. It is a “God-Incident”.

Link to the Be the Match, Bone Marrow Registry

Link to Red Cross Blood Donations

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