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Depth Podcast Episode 17: Children’s Author — Sandra Maddox

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Today, Sandra Maddox shares her powerful testimony.  She knows what it’s like to wake up one morning thinking everything is right in the world, only to have her world turn completely upside down moments later.  She shares about this tragic day in 2003 when she lost her only child, Tiffany in an automobile accident.

With God’s strength, Sandra is using her greatest heartbreak to help young women, very similar to the age of her daughter that passed.  Through her Treasured Moms ministry at Saddleback Church, Sandra encourages young moms, offers them hope for the tough days, as well as motherly advice.  But most importantly, she points them to back to Jesus.

In addition, Sandra is a children’s author and loves to encourage families to read aloud with their kids. Her book, *Tiffany and the Talking Frog, written with co-author Peggy Matthews Rose, is a wonderful story of how God gives us each a unique purpose.  One of my favorite parts on the podcast is her story of how God confirmed that He wanted her to write this book.

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