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Depth Podcast Episode 146: Behind the Scenes for DEPTH — Maile and Jodi

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Has God ever asked you to do something completely out of your comfort zone?  Well, I feel like He has asked me to do that a couple times. The first one was with this podcast, and I cannot believe that I am celebrating the third year of the podcast this week. That was a leap of faith for me when I started this podcast three years ago. It is super exciting!

The second example would be my book, Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength. I feel like God placed that on my heart five years ago in 2017. So I am so excited for this episode because we are going to trace all the God moments that happened from the book idea to the writing of it, to the editing and re-writing of it, to the waiting and to the publishing and all the prayers too!  I am excited to talk with my college roommate, Maile, and she is going to interview me and ask me questions about the book.

I hope you can see and trace God’s hands and fingerprints all over the process these last five years. So I am really excited for this special behind the scenes episode about my book, Depth.

This is your last week to pre-order my book, Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength and receive the special pre-order gifts too. My friend DJ painted a beautiful picture of a tree with deep roots.

Please click this link to redeem your pre-order gifts.

Here is link to Depth Podcast Episode 39 with my friend, Danya about giving to Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Here is a link to blog post about the beautiful tree with broken glass that hangs by my front door. It is called When Brokenness Leads to Depth.

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Depth Podcast Episode 97: The Depth Podcast is Two Years Old! Cannot wait for you to hear more behind the scene stories the last two years.

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