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Depth Podcast Episode 143: How to Process Emotions in a Healthy Way — Debbie Hetschel

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Do you know how to process your emotions in a healthy way? If someone was walking through something hard, do you know how to offer them empathy? Would you come alongside them and put yourself in their shoes?

These are such important life skills, so I am so excited to have Debbie Hetschel, my personal counselor on the podcast this week. We are going to dive deep into this subject and we are going to talk about how to process these hard, overwhelming emotions in a healthy way.

This is my first episode back from my sabbatical and first let me say that it was really nice to have a break. But I am really excited for the month of August because this is the month that my book is going to launch. At the very end of the month, August 30th, Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength will release. Oh friends, I am so excited for this month of August that I will be highlighting some of the different storylines from the book as well as some of the principles in the book. This is a really important one, so I cannot wait for you to hear what my counselor has to share about emotions and empathy. She has so much wisdom- you do not want to miss this episode.

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Debbie is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist practicing at Relationship 180 in Mission Viejo, CA. She helps people learn to acknowledge and experience their emotions in life-giving and healing ways with God, themselves and others in the midst of the hard realities of life. 

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