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Depth Podcast Episode 123: Beautifully Broken Glass — Kimberly Kiefer

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Have you ever felt broken? Maybe you have been hurt by a friend or a loved one. Or maybe someone in your life that you dearly loved passed away. Maybe you felt like your heart had been shattered into a million broken pieces. Oh friend, I can so relate.

Let me ask you one more question: Do you believe God can bring beauty out of that brokenness?  Such a great question for us to talk about today on the podcast. I cannot wait for you to hear from Kimberly Kiefer; she owns a business called beautifully broken glass where she takes these broken pieces and turns them into beautiful artwork. I think God does the same for us. As we take our broken pieces and hand them over to Him, He can turn them into something beautiful.  In fact, I have a special announcement at the end of the episode where God did just that- I cannot wait to share it with you.  I am excited for you to be encouraged by Kimberly’s episode.

Also, I am so excited for someone to win a 4 inch beautifully broken glass piece of artwork. All the details for the special giveaway are on my website at or you can click this direct link:

Kimberly Kiefer is the owner of Beautifully Broken since 2013. All creations are all made of broken glass and metal. Based out of Phoenix, AZ. You can connect with Kimberly on Facebook, Instagram, or her website.

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