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Depth Podcast Episode 108: Veteran and Military Spouse — Jay Pratt

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Do you do anything special for Veteran’s Day to show honor and respect to those who have served our country?

Veteran’s Day is just around the corner so I would love for this episode to help give you some great ideas on how to show respect and honor to not only the service men and women who have sacrificed but also to their families! So, to help us today to better understand what it’s like to be in the military, I invited my friend Jay Pratt. Not only is she going to share with us about her service in the Air Force, but she is also going to tell us about being a military spouse.  

What she shared was so eye-opening to me and I hope it brings awareness to you – of just how much these men and women have sacrificed as they have missed Holidays with their loved ones, missed celebrations as well as missed hard times as well like funerals. Also, I love the insight and perspective she brings in being a military spouse and all the challenges that go along with that. There is so much goodness in this episode and my hope is that as you listen, it will give you some great ideas of how you can show honor and respect to our Veterans, not just this week for Veteran’s Day but all year long.

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Jay Pratt is a poet, writer, public speaker, health & wellness coach, former military spouse, and proud veteran of the United States Air Force. As a mother to eight children, including four foster children, she serves as encouragement and a positive light to mothers and women all over the world. Jay Pratt has been a Victims’ Advocate for over twelve years; delivering mentorship, empowerment, and an active voice of truth. Overcoming various abusive situations, divorce, multiple miscarriages, infertility, debt, health scares, and relationship issues, Jay humbly exemplifies a “But God” testimony. Her mission is to remind everyone that anyone can be used by God, and no one knows how their journey is meant to end. Jay and her family now reside back in her hometown, Independence, MO. You can connect with Jay on social media on both Instagram and Facebook.

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