Depth Journals

I am so excited to share with you about my new Depth Journals for sale. 

I love to journal!  Honestly, journaling was a huge part of my healing as I walked through my greatest heartbreak. Knowing how much it helped me, I wanted to create a journal for others to record their honest emotions and connect with God.  Journaling has also been a huge part of my growing. I love recording favorite Scripture verses and reflecting on growth steps from books I have read and messages I have heard. 

My prayer is that these journals will help you grow deeper in your faith and stronger in your relationships. 

I am very passionate about this which is why I have named them Depth Journals. Check out the designs below:

I am a huge nature lover, so I designed each cover with one of my favorite scenic pictures!  I hope each one draws you into God’s beautiful creation and allows you to feel closer to Him.  I also added one of my favorite verses to the cover of each journal this year.  My hope is that these verses remind you of God’s love and faithfulness and help deepen your trust in Him.

The Depth Journals are $12 each or 2 for $20.  If you are not local, I will need to add a $3/journal shipping and handling fee to send it to you.

I only have a limited number of journals so please act fast.  Let me know how many journals you want to purchase, and which design you prefer by emailing me at

So looking forward to digging deeper with these journals because Depth Matters!!

Thanks so much, Jodi Rosser