Comparing vs Cheering Each Other On

Can I be honest with you? I struggle with comparison. It is embarrassing to admit, but the words, That must be nice have crossed my mind many times.

I remember thinking them as a young mom when my friend would share how her kids would listen the first time she asked. Again, they would come up at church as I listened to women sing beautifully from stage. One of the hardest times in my life when comparison reared its ugly head was in college as I put my make up on next to my college roommate. Her perfectly flawless skin was a shocking contrast with my severe struggle with acne. My insecurity heightened even more as she was a foot taller than me with the body of a runway model. Staring into the mirror, I always felt not enough.

Maybe you have felt the same way. You have asked yourself, Why Her? Why did she get the big promotion? Why does she have the perfect husband? Why does her house look like a model home when I can barely keep mine organized?

Comparison is a common struggle. Either we get prideful because we are doing it better or feel inadequate because we don’t measure up.

Instead of losing hours rivaling each other in our heads, what if stood on the truth that God has created each of us for a special purpose. You don’t have to be creative like your friend or love to cook like other moms. You can be exactly who God made me to be.

How has God shaped you?

At Saddleback Church, we use this acronym for SHAPE:

S– Spiritual Gifts- Have you taken a spiritual gifts test?
H– Heart- What are you passionate about?
A– Abilities- What are you natural good at?
P– Personality- Are you an introvert or extrovert?
E– Experiences- What life experiences have you walked through that God can use to help someone else going through those same circumstances.

Friend, I love that God has uniquely shaped you and me!  

Let’s stop wasting our energy comparing. Instead let’s cheer each other on and remember that God has uniquely gifted each of us for His work.

This is my prayer that together we can live out our God-given purpose and be the biggest cheerleader for our sisters in Christ!

Love, Jodi

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