Angel Ornament

As I opened the box, my eyes began to tear up.

It had been 6 months since we had loss our Baby Grace.  The summer and fall had been the hardest months of my life.  As Christmas was approaching, I knew that I wanted something special to remember our sweet girl.   

Even though she had never made it into my arms on Earth, she was forever in my heart!

As we decorated the Christmas tree, I opened the box with her newly made ornament.  Tears filled my eyes as I was captivated by the beautiful angel. 

An angel ornament in honor of Baby Grace.  

I remember just staring at this ornament, wishing I could hold her.  Wishing she was in my arms.  The hole in my heart was real.

The loss of my baby girl is one of my greatest heartbreaks. 

It was the first time my whole world got turned upside down and I was not sure how to get through it. Have you ever walked through this same heartbreak?

Thankfully our church had an amazing support group called Empty Arms for women who had lost a pregnancy either due to a miscarriage or a stillbirth.   I remember going and feeling safe to share my hard emotions with others.

Friends, I encourage you to share your hard emotions with someone you trust. 

This life that began inside of you was real and all the hopes and dreams for your baby were also very real.  It is so important to take time to grieve this loss.

Oct. 15th is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  

Since I have walked through this hard loss, I know it can feel very lonely.  I know the world can sometimes minimize this loss too, so I wanted to honor the women who have lost a pregnancy by sharing my story as well as my friends’ personal story of loss. 

On my Depth Podcast, you can listen to the newest episode: Loss of Pregnancy—Part 1. 

My friend, Yvonne, shares how she lost her sweet Emma at 41 weeks, full term.  I share my loss at 16 weeks pregnant when the doctor could not find Baby Grace’s heartbeat.  Both Yvonne and I attended the support group Empty Arms at our local church, and together we talk about how we got through the hard emotions that followed the painful loss.   We hope our stories can help encourage someone else walking through a similar heartbreak.

Praying for all those who are grieving the loss of a baby.

Love, Jodi

To listen, you can click on the link below on apple podcasts or you can go to and click on the Depth image to listen.

One Word Can Change Everything

I hung up the phone in disbelief. 

My stomach was in knots over the news.  My mind kept repeating over and over, this cannot be happening. I plopped down on my couch completely exasperated.  It was like all the air was deflating out of me.  All I could think about was what my sweet friend.

There are some words that will change your life forever.  Cancer is one of those words.  

What do you do when one word turns your entire world upside down?  

Maybe your word is not cancer like my friend but something else has left you feeling heartbroken.   Maybe your word is Divorce, Infertility, Miscarriage or Single…. all of these words can leave us questioning God’s plan for our lives.

In an effort to find relief from our heartbreak, we begin searching for answers. Hoping they will ease our pain, we ask, Why God? Why is this happening to me? When our questions are left unanswered, it is easy to become frustrated and angry with God. It is normal to question God’s goodness in a time of grief.  

But the key is to not get stuck there.

On my Depth Podcast this week, I dig deeper into Laura Story’s book, When God Doesn’t Fix It.   I talk in depth about asking these why questions vs. how questions.  If you are in the middle of an unexpected storm right now, I would love for you to listen to this week’s episode.  I believe it will encourage you and give you hope.  If you have a friend walking through a hard time, please share it with them too.

Let me close with a prayer.

God, I pray for my friends who are hurting. Please surround them with Your love and comfort especially when they think You have forgotten them.  I pray that they will run to You in their pain instead of pushing You away.  God, give them Your strength and guide them daily as You walk through this unexpected storm with them.  Let them feel Your closeness and Your presence in their life.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Love, Jodi

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