Not My Story

Have you ever looked at the circumstances of your life and said, “This is Not My Story- this is not the narrative I would have written for my life?”  I know that I have.

What do you do when life takes these unexpected turns and leaves you heartbroken? 

I believe there are some words that will change your life forever: Cancer, Miscarriage, Infertility. For me, divorce flipped my whole world upside down almost seven years ago.

Today, on the Not My Story Podcast, I share about this unexpected storm.

Not My Story Podcast Link– March 2021

Divorce is the death of a marriage. Honestly, the grief is as real and difficult as the death of a loved one. In addition, there is usually a layer of rejection on top of the grief. On the podcast, I talk about my grief as well as the shame I felt during this hard time.

If you know someone walking this hard road, I encourage you to give the gift of presence and sit with them in their grief. I share a beautiful analogy of grief to scuba diving on the podcast today, and I hope it helps you see how to help someone in the middle of their grief.

Most of all, today I share how God helped me through the hardest year of my life.

Not only did God help me heal, but He helped me grow deeper in my faith. Honestly, I don’t know why we have to walk through these “Not My Story” moments, but I do know that God never wastes any of the hurt and pain. Instead, He uses it to grow you and to help another hurting heart.

Praying my words today help another hurting heart whose word is also divorce.

God loves you and sees you! You are not alone in your pain!  Run to God in the midst of the heartbreak and ask for His strength to endure this unexpected storm.

Friend, I am praying for you and here for you if you want to talk more! Feel free to message me on Instagram; I would love to pray for you!

Love, Jodi

Not My Story Podcast Link– March 2021
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Sharing my “Heartbreak to Strength” Story

These words flowed out of my mouth when I recently recorded as a guest on my friend’s podcast, By His Grace.  I was honored when Misty asked me to share my “Heartbreak to Strength” story.

I met Misty at the Hope Writers Conference, and I love how God connected us through our broken stories. Although we both have different circumstances, God is using both of our hurts and pain to birth a unique ministry of encouraging and helping other hurting hearts.

I believe God takes our greatest heartbreaks and turns them into our greatest ministry.

So thankful that He takes our broken pieces and turns them into something beautiful.  This reminded me of my cracked clay pot.  Captivated by the light shining through the cracks, God taught me so many lessons as I purposely broke it and pieced it back together years ago.

What if God’s light shined the brightest through our cracks and broken places?

You see, a pot with no cracks, chips, or broken places does not allow much light through it.  However, if a pot has many cracks and broken places but still shines brightly for Jesus despite those circumstances, then that is a beautiful thing.

Could our brokenness actually help us to be a stronger light?

These words are from a guest blog post I wrote for Misty titled Beauty in the Broken.  I wanted to dive deeper and share more about brokenness and all the God has shown me.  To read the entire post, click image below:

Let me end with this quote from Beauty in the Broken:

Just like this piece of pottery, your cracks and broken pieces are beautiful when placed in the hands of Jesus.

Jesus is the one who gives us Hope.

Hope that our brokenness has a purpose. Hope that God can use our broken story to encourage another hurting heart. Hope that God can turn my tears into my testimony!

Friends, if you are walking through an expected storm, I pray these words encourage you.  I believe God wants to take your broken heart and turn it into something beautiful too!

Love, Jodi

To listen to my conservation with Misty on the podcast, By His Grace, click the following link: