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It is an honor to be a guest on a podcast or blog series. I love sharing more of my story and how God has grown my faith. I believe it is important to honestly share our God stories and help another hurting heart. My hope is that these guest posts and podcasts will encourage you in your faith. Please click on the links below to listen and read. 

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Podcast Guest

Redemption Press: All Things Podcast (Episode 154)

So wonderful to talk with Athena Dean Holtz on the All Things Podcast sponsored by Redemption Press, my publisher. I love that in the beginning of 2022, God led me to a Christian publishing partner who not only understands the importance of God’s redemption but claims Romans 8:28 as their company’s verse. Their podcast focuses…

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Guest Writer

Hearing God Speak Will Deepen Your Faith

There are some moments in our faith walk that we will never forget. Maybe it was a time you felt a nudge from God or heard him speak a truth into your heart.  For me, it was the latter.  Let’s flashback to 2018: I had recently started writing weekly on my blog. The year before…

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