Bible Talk: Through The Lens of Emotional Literacy

Bible Talk Link– April 2022

Have you ever asked yourself what feelings Mary was facing when the angel Gabriel brought her the news of her divine pregnancy? Or what doubts circled in David’s head as he picked up the stones for his sling before heading off to take down Goliath?

When studying God’s Word, have you ever tried to put yourself in the shoes of the people in the Bible? 

So many times we read these stories of unbelievably faith and we can miss that they were real men and women with honest emotions and reactions.

The more I have learned and studied emotional literacy, I have found it eye-opening to look at the Bible Characters through this lens. What were they feeling? Did they have questions or hesitations? What thoughts crossed their mind?

This is one of the topics I discussed with Keith Ferrin last week on his Tuesday Bible Talk. 

In our conversation, I start by sharing my story about growing through heartbreak. Then we dive deeper into what emotional literacy means and I give some practical examples.

My hope is to ignite in you a desire to see God’s Word with a new, fresh perspective as you put yourself in the stories in the Bible.

To listen to our conversation, please click this link on YouTube.

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