Name That Feeling

I was overwhelmed with emotion.  My kids were too.

Waking up each day, I prayed for God to give me strength to walk through this heartbreak.  I cried out for help when I felt alone and power to comfort my kids too.  Our emotions were intense and unpredictable the year after the divorce.

It felt like our entire world had flipped upside down. 

I think many of us are feeling that same way with this coronavirus.  Times are uncertain, and our emotions are unpredictable and intense.

What can we do to help process our emotions in a healthy way?  How can we help our kids too?

Friends, I would love to share with you some of the tools we learned from our counselors during that difficult year.  

In fact, my kids and I share about these tools on my podcast this week.  It was so special to have them as my guests.  The episode is called family and feelings, and I would love for you to listen.  Here is a link:

Name that Feeling was one of our favorite tools we learned.

The counselor used paint cards from Lowes that have 3 color shades.  We chose red to represent the emotion anger.  The counselor helped the boys come up with a word for the light red when they are slightly angry (annoyed), for the middle red (mad), and then for the darkest red (enraged or charged). 

Each word would get more intense as the colors get deeper shades. 

By having the kids pick the word, you are giving them ways to describe how they are feeling. So instead of saying, I am angry. They could share a word that shows the level of anger.  I feel deep red right now; I am charged or enraged.  I believe this tool will help increase the emotional literacy of you and your kids.

As you can see in the picture, we chose yellow for happy and blue for sadness. I recommend letting your child pick the color for their emotions and then help them select words for each shade.  Then, instead of asking, “Are you sad?”  You can ask, “What shade of blue are you?”

Understanding the depth to what they are feeling as well as offering them comfort are some of the greatest gifts you can give your child. 

Praying these tools help you and your family during these uncertain times.

Love, Jodi

I am certain of this!

Did you wake up today with feelings of anxiousness or fear?  I know we are living in uncertain times, and this can leave us with many negative emotions. 

I love what our Pastor said in one of his recent messages, “What we know is what gets us through.”  So today, I want to write about what I am certain about.

I am certain God is with us as we walk through this unexpected storm.  

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Psalms 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.”  As our hearts are full of emotions, God is there comforting us and guiding us.  He was with me during my deepest pain when I walked through a heartbreaking divorce.  He was with me in my grief when I lost my sweet baby girl at 16 weeks pregnant. He was with me during my intense sadness as my dear friend lost her battle to cancer. 

Friends, if God was with us in past storms, He will be with us in future and present storms including COVID-19.  I am certain of this!

I am certain God cares and will meet all of our needs.

As I walk through the grocery store, I see many empty shelves which can lead to worry.  I have to intentionally stop and remind myself that God will provide all my needs.  He will do the same for you. 

Just like He provides for the birds of the air (Matthew 6: 26), He will provide food for you and your family during this coronavirus. Last week, my podcast guest shares how God showed her a sparrow to remind her that He will provide.  It was amazing because God revealed a bird to me that same week.  I pray God will show you a bird this week too as a reminder that He will provide all your needs.

Friends, God deeply cares about you.  I am certain of this!

I am certain God is in control even when life spins out of control.

This one can be the hardest to believe as we stay hunkered down inside and watch the news. It is difficult to believe that God can bring good out of this world crisis. However, I believe God specializes in bringing purpose to our pain and beauty for our ashes.  This is the gift of hindsight; we can see how God was working out all the details. 

This reminds of the song, WayMaker.  I love the part when we sing, “Even when I can’t see it, you are working. Even when I can’t feel it, you are working.  You never stop, You never stop working.” 

Friends, God is working even when we cannot see it and He is in control even when life feels out of control.  I am certain of this!

When doubt and worries enter your mind, I recommend writing out what you know for certain and cling to those truths. 

God is with you, God cares, and God is in control.  Friends, I am certain of this!

Love, Jodi