Audacious Faith

I love to read the first book of an author especially when their other books have truly touched my life. 

My first book of 2020 was Steven Furtrick’s first book, Sun Stand Still: What happens When You Dare To Ask God For the Impossible which he wrote ten years ago back in 2010.

This book truly ignited my soul and opened my eyes to how to have audacious faith.

Steven shares how at age 16, he was reading a book and the words on page 23 changed the trajectory of his life.  He says, “Somehow the Holy Spirit translated that line into a tangible impression in my teenage heart, and I knew one day I’m going to start a church in a big city to reach people who are far from God.”

Pastor Steven Furtick is now the head pastor of Elevation Church, a mega church in North Carolina. 

I love that this defining moment happened when he was a teenager.  He calls this his page 23 vision and friends, we all have one.

Listen to what Steven says, “That’s how your Page 23 Vision is going to come to life.  It will start with a seed of inspiration that takes root in your imagination.  Over time, it will produce a harvest of obedience for the glory of God.  And the whole process will take place deep in the soil of your faith.”

What is your page 23 vision or purpose?  What does God want to accomplish through you?

Maybe you are not called to lead a mega church like Pastor Steven but instead called to lead a bible study or disciple a group of teenagers.  Perhaps you are called to go on a mission’s trip or start a business so you can financially bless others.   

Pastor Steven says, “extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience.”

Friends, where is God asking you to say yes to what He has already placed on your heart?

I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and believe God for the impossible!  He has designed you with a unique purpose and vision, and I believe that God will strengthen you and guide as you take a leap of faith.  

Do you want to have audacious faith?  I know I do!

God, I pray you will activate our audacious faith and let us trust you for the impossible!  Help us pray prayers that push us out of our comfort zone and ignite our dependence on You!

Love, Jodi

Note: I love that Steven was a teenager when God spoke to him. If you have a teenager or young teen (ages 11-14), I want to encourage you to listen to my podcast this week. I interview Mark Oestreicher about his book, Understanding Your Young Teen and his wisdom is gold! Click the link below to listen:

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Jodi Rosser is passionate about sharing God’s truth with others through her book ministry. “We lose ourselves in books; we find ourselves there too.” This quote is hanging on a sign in Jodi’s favorite room in her house, the library. As she walked through the greatest heartbreaks in her life, books have played a significant part in her healing.

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