Are You Ready To SOAR?

I love the word, SOAR.  It reminds me of an eagle flying high above the clouds, soaring in the wind.

Did you know that eagles are the only bird who fly higher in a storm? Other birds will find shelter during a storm but not the eagle. The eagle allows the strong winds to lift them even higher, high above the storm.

The raging storm actually helps the eagle soar high above the clouds.  

Like the eagle, do you want to soar above the storm you are facing? Do you want to rise to greater heights in the middle of the hard times in your life? Are you ready to SOAR?

What if reaching new heights has little to do with our strength but more about depending on God’s strength?  Maybe it is not about striving for more but instead it is about surrendering to God’s plan.

Could it be that God takes us higher after he has grown us deeper? 

I love the verse Isaiah 40:31: “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.” 

Friend, if you want to soar, it is essential to put your hope in God, to completely trust He has a greater plan even beyond your wildest imagination.  Maybe this storm is developing your character and preparing you for His purpose in your life. Perhaps you are learning to depend on God’s Strength, not your own.

Do not give up hope along the way when the storm is fierce, and the detour is long. Remember in the waiting time God is developing deep roots in you so that you will be ready to soar to new heights.

Friend, are you ready to SOAR?

Love, Jodi

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