Are you Living in the Faith Zone?

I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

My God sized dream is pushing me out of my comfort zone, and it is scary.  I am doing things that I have never done before and honestly feeling completely underqualified.  Can anyone relate?

Has God asked you to step out in faith? 

Are you feeling the stress of pursuing this God sized dream too?  Let me share with you this quote that I love: “If your dream does not scary you, it is not big enough.”  

God does not want us to have dreams that are so small that we can handle them on our own.  That would not require any faith on our part.  Instead, He wants to fully rely and lean on Him for strength, wisdom, and guidance as we pursue this big dream He has placed on our hearts.

God sized dreams require faith!

Faith is believing even when you cannot see how it is all going to work out.  Today, when we begin to feel overwhelmed, let’s remember that God is in control!  He wants us to completely trust Him with the plans He has for our lives.

I love the verse in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

It can be hard when we don’t fully know the plan or see the big picture but that is exactly when God asks us to take a leap of faith.

Are you leaping?  Are you stepping out in Faith?  Do your dreams scare you?  Then you are exactly where God wants you to be! 

You are in the Faith Zone!

Completely trusting God and depending on Him for your next step.

Friends, if I am honest, the faith zone can feel overwhelming.  Just like I felt this morning, these anxious feelings will arise.  When this happens, I want us to remember that these feelings are just reminders that we are on the right path. 

Stepping out in faith is not easy.  It will feel stressful.  It will require trust and stretch you beyond what you are capable of.  But that is exactly the very spot where your faith will help you surrender your plans with God’s plans.  Your strength with God’s strength.   

Friends, this is exactly where you want to be! Living in the Faith Zone!

Love, Jodi

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