Another Big Transition

Looking through pictures over the last 18 years has been therapeutic for my momma heart.

The first day of Kindergarten, the school plays, the field trips to the Trabuco Science School, the jog-a-thon, and walk throughs in the upper grades. All of them bring back so many memories.  

The seven years of elementary school lasted the longest followed by a blink of an eye in middle school and the fastest four years of high school.  I am just one day away from my son putting on his cap and gown and walking across the stage with a diploma reading high school graduate.  Another big transition.

June is a full of transitions with graduations, retirements, and weddings. Single to married. Working to Retired. Living at home to living in a college dorm. House full of kids to empty nest.

All these changes leave us full of emotions.

I want to encourage you today to put words to what you are feeling. Some transitions can be smooth and easy, but some are more difficult and can leave you feeling sad and lonely. There is loss as you go from one season to the next, and it is important to acknowledge it so you can deal with it. 

So, whether your baby is heading off to Kindergarten this coming fall or traveling hours away to attend the State University, remember that change can be hard. 

Give yourself lots of grace as you adjust to your new season of life.

I think one of the biggest gifts that we can give our children is teaching them how to deal with transitions in life. Honestly, if we think about it, we are constantly going through them: from baby to preschool to elementary school, junior high to high school, college to working, single to married, no kids to having kids…. then the process repeats.

If your child is entering a new chapter, help them identify their emotions. Ask them what they are excited about and what makes them nervous. Remind them that transitions are normal as they leave one school for the next.

Friend, if like me, you find yourself entering a new season of life, pause and reflect on how you are feeling. Journal and write out your emotions and then share them with your friends.  

Be honest and open so others can encourage you when you are having hard days.

This month, I am praying for all the graduates as they will embrace the new adventure God has for them. I am also praying for the parents of graduates, especially those with an empty nest coming this fall. My hope is that you will feel God’s love and comfort during the difficult times.

Whether you are facing a giant transition or a small one, remember you are not alone. Reach out to a trusted friend. Maybe they are feeling the exact same way and together, you can help each other through this transition.

Love, Jodi

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