A Challenge to Look Deeper, Not Just at the Surface.

This beach looked perfect.

Its beautiful blue water and white sand beach was breath taking. From the outside looking in, it seemed like perfection. BUT it was not. 

These same magical waters were also home to the Portuguese man o war jellyfish. Captivated by the beauty of the waters, my boys and I ran and jumped into these waves. Immediately, one of my son’s got stung. 

It is easy to make judgments based on how something looks on the outside.

Have you ever looked at someone’s life and thought it was perfect? Looking at the pictures they post on social media, you conclude that they have it all together. Friend, I know I have struggled with this before.

I love the quote from Steven Furtick’s book, *Crash the Chatterbox. It says, “Don’t compare your behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.”

Just like that day on the beach, we were only looking at the surface. Once we dug deeper, we realized that nothing is perfect. Everyone has their struggles.

I wrote this post back in 2019 when my boys and I had just got back from the beautiful island of Oahu. Each day, I posted some of my favorite pictures from the vacation, and I realized that I was just showing the highlight reel.

In an effort to be completely transparent, let me share with you some of our behind the scenes:

  • There was frustration trying to find places we have never been before and sadly, impatience and snapping at my kids on my part.
  • There was ungratefulness and complaining especially when one is a teenager and at times wishing he was home with his friends.
  • There were many arguments in the car, in the hotel, and on the beach.

It was a great vacation, but it was not perfect. No one has a perfect life. There are no perfect parents or perfect kids. 

Remember that life is not all good or all bad, but actually somewhere in the middle. 

As we look at others, let’s remember we all have our struggles that we are working on. Let’s extend love and grace. Let’s try not to compare, especially “our behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel”.

Friend, it is easy to compare but today I challenge us to look deeper, not just at the surface. Instead of comparing, let’s cheer each other on. Let’s encourage one another because we know that there is more to see than just what is on the outside.

Love, Jodi

Note: I share about this blog post on the Depth Podcast Episode 185 this week! It is Nicki Koziarz’s first episode from back in 2020. We talk about comparison and her book, *Why Her?

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