7 Prayers When Your Heart is Breaking

This quote is from my second article, 7 Prayers in Unwanted Divorce, which is up on the Hope in Grief website. A friend commented that she thinks these prayers would help any emotionally difficult relationship, not just divorce. I agree with her, and the more I read the prayers, I think they will help anyone whose heart is breaking!

Here is a short excerpt from the article with two of the seven prayers:


When your world gets turned upside down and your heart is breaking, it is hard to trust God has a good plan for your life. I have learned that you can choose to fully trust God without fully understanding God. I hope this prayer helps you keep trusting even when it does not make sense.  

God, thank You that you are working behind the scenes even when I cannot see it. Help me choose to trust You and Your plans for my life even when I don’t understand. Remind me that You are good and that You truly care about me despite the hard circumstances I am walking through. Let me remember each day that You see me and hear me, especially when I feel forgotten. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


There are so many questions and not as many answers as you walk through grief. I pray that as you feel alone and need support that you can cry out to God as Your provider for help and wisdom.

Dear God, thank You for being my provider and showing up when all hope seems lost. Give me Your wisdom, insight, and discernment. Guide me when I feel alone and don’t have the answers. Remind me that you hear me when I cry for help. I pray that I can remember to invite You into my difficult circumstances each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

To hear the other prayers, please click this link to read the entire article. I hope these prayers will encourage you in the middle of your heartbreak.

Love, Jodi

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